Tom LaMarche FDR

... speaking of gettin pitted Tom LaMarche is what some would consider a pioneer in the whole track bike freestyle scene. He can be seen in the Bootleg Sessions and other track bike videos [including this one]

Here he is, flying over a hip in the famous concrete bowl at the FDR skatepark in Philly keepin warm in his Mishka Spetsnaz jacket.


Walton Brush said...

Personally I think Keo is more of a pioneer of the freestyle track bike then Tom is. Tom is just taking BMX tricks and performing them on a track bike. Despite the fact that this is how Slopestyle mountain biking progressed(BMXers switching over to a MTN bikes) I think the future of freestyle track bike lies in a realm that you can't go on a bike with a freewheel. I am not saying Tom isn't skilled, I think he has more skill then most all riders including Keo, I do think most of what he does is just impractical. Most of it looks bad, between the timing, huge wheels, and lack of smooth landings.

Prolly said...

cough cough

We're all 100 years behind and less manly than German women...

smoovebert said...

tom has got some skills for sure, but i've seen him at the brooklyn banks and i have to say, walton is right--skills or not, shit does NOT look good at all, still looks super, super sketchy.

then again i look at bob haro, rl osborn, mike buff, etc. struggle on bikes that aren't designed to do what we want them to do and they looked like sketchy bastards too.

i don't follow the "track bike swan lake skidder freestyle" scene really, but i'm sure we will see barspin friendly 700c geometry (sorry 650c deep v ebay sellers!!) and wholesale misappropriation of bmx technology (or bmx companies cashing in) bubbling up on the real very soon.