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An updated image of the job I'm working on at the office.


Summer's almost over! Get on your bike and have fun!


Modernity Flooded

Mies Van der Rohe's masterpiece, the Farnsworth House has fallen victim to the floods. It looks like the house sustained little damage due to its piling-foundation. Let's hope all is well once the waters subside.

Profile Racing Introduces Track Hubs

Linky linky!


Mishka Fall '07

Below are some pictures from the forthcoming Mishka Fall '07 line. The samples in person are really impressive as are these promo shots. I can't wait for this line to drop, the guys really put a lot into it.


Dubstep Allstars 5

This album gave me a nosebleed. I was skepitcal of N-type's ability to compete with Hatcha's and Youngsta's last album, but in the end I'm really impressed.

SAG for sale

I get about 100 hits a day from people google'in SAG bags, a Japanese messenger bag company. Well, I know all you kids are looking for them and I have a slightly used [for about a month] one for sale. If anyone's interested, I'm selling it for $110 USD + Shipping [via UPS]. Let me know via comment if you're interested. We can set up a paypal payment so both of us are protected. Unfortunately I don't have my camera or the bag with me, so for now the pics from Shop Gentei's blog will have to do. It's a Large, the biggest messenger bag they make. My shoulder is kinda messed up from surfing my whole life and I found that a backpack is more comfortable. The bag's got the normal signs of wear, but it's in great shape.


Gear Inch Chart

Gear Inch Chart Originally uploaded by John Prolly Click to get a higher-res version, or go to AVACADO'S SITE!

More on North Carolina's disgrace


Between the Buried and Me "colors"

One of my favorite bands and fellow North Carolinian heavy-hitters, Between the Buried and Me is releasing a new album entitled Colors. Even though I don't typically like to support piracy, I couldn't help but download the leaked version yesterday and have spent the past 24 hours listening to it. You can really pick up all the various influences of the band moreso than in the past albums. The first track "The Backtrack" pays an homage to Queen, one of the most dynamic bands of the 20th century. You can also hear Paul and Tommy's influences from Prayer For Cleansing in "Prequel to the Sequel". Informal Gluttony picks up some Melvins / TOOL melodies that makes me want to start listening to Maynard's vocals more. Blake Richardson's drumming is bone chilling and Paul's melodic riffs are technical without being over the top. This album will open up pits and cause the audience to sway side to side just like Alaska. Pick it up [not just the change] when it drops!

Fast Friday

Fast Friday is yet another film about fixed gear and track bike culture. From the looks of it, the movie covers most of the bike scene centered around Seattle-based Cadence clothing. Looks pretty cool. Virb has the trailer up here.

Marinoni x Adidas

Just found pictures of this collabo on Breadwinner. A pretty nice frame. Haven't ridden a Aluminum Marinoni before, but if they ride like the steel ones do, someone's just landed an amazing whip!


GZA to play whole Liquid Swords Album

Dual of the iron mic and shit! Pitchfork reports that GZA will be playing at the McCarren Park Pool next month. Read full below. When GZA unloaded his arsenal of Liquid Swords at last month's Pitchfork Music Festival, it was a mission that some might've characterized as impossible. As he proved, wrecking shit from the tale of the Shogun Assassin through "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth", and all the Wu-phemera that followed, when he swings his swords, nonbelievers are all choppable. So it shall be again, when GZA takes Swords to the place where stars are born, performing the album in full once again on September 15 at Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool. And how's this for a little bonus P4K Fest '07 flashback action? Stylish young lad Jamie Lidell will join the Genius on the bill. The show's going down as a benefit for Open Space Alliance, and it's organized by JellyNYC, the folks keeping hipsters off the streets on Sunday afternoons in the summer. Jamie's got a couple dates in Europe in a few weeks, and GZA's out rocking bells with the Wu. All that, after this. Thanks to BrooklynVegan. GZA/Jamie: 09-15 Brooklyn, NY - McCarren Park Pool The Wu:

08-21 Salt Lake City, UT - USANA Amphitheatre 08-22 Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre 08-25 Minneapolis, MN - Metrodome 08-26 Chicago, IL - Charter One Pavilion 08-29 Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Music Center 09-01 Honolulu, HI - Blaisdell Center Lidell: 08-31 Lyon, France - Woodstower Festival 09-01 Stradbally, Ireland - Electric Picnic Festival

Jeremy Fish on Mass-marketing of art

One of my favorite artists, Jeremy Fish speaks about how placing art on a tshirt opens his work up to a broader audience without having to pay thousands of dollars for it. "Cheapening it? Or making it cheaper?"


Necro x Fatlace

Necro's got a shout-out on Fatlace's blog roll... peep it here!



RAD! The whole Movie

If you were a true child of the '80s and had a BMX, chances are, you watched the movie RAD! This movie, along with older skate videos filled my summer months with ambitions of tailwhips and new tricks. Well, someone finally ripped it and uploaded it to Google Video. Download it, burn it to dvd or play it on your iPhone.

Angel on Pedalmafia

Pedalmafia has featured Angel, my Marinoni in their Bike Check One Two.


Daft Punk!

Daft Punk!
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We rode from our apartment to Coney Island to check out Daft Punk at Keyspan Arena.

It was Amanda's first long ride and my first time seeing Daft Punk. Overall, a 30 mile round trip. Not bad for her first time!

More pics are up on my flickr and I'll upload video later.


North Carolina's disgrace

From Streetsblog: The US House of Representatives approved an energy conservation bill on Saturday that includes, among other things, a tax break of $20 per month for bike commuters, which takes effect at the beginning of next year.

The vote on HR 2776 was largely split along party lines, and was preceded by inspired testimony from Congressman Patrick McHenry, a Republican representing the 10th District in my home state of North Carolina.

Here's McHenry, as quoted in the Congressional Record:

"A major component of the Democrats' energy legislation and the Democrats' answer to our energy crisis is, hold on, wait one minute, wait one minute, it is promoting the use of the bicycle. Oh, I cannot make this stuff up. Yes, the American people have heard this. Their answer to our fuel crisis, the crisis at the pumps, is: Ride a bike. Democrats believe that using taxpayer funds in this bill to the tune of $1 million a year should be devoted to the principle of: "Save energy, ride a bike.'' Some might argue that depending on bicycles to solve our energy crisis is naive, perhaps ridiculous. Some might even say Congress should use this energy legislation to create new energy, bring new nuclear power plants on line, use clean coal technology, energy exploration, but no, no. They want to tell the American people, stop driving, ride a bike. This is absolutely amazing.

Apparently, the Democrats believe that the miracle on two wheels that we know as a bicycle will end our dependence on foreign oil. I cannot make this stuff up. It is absolutely amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Democrats, promoting 19th century solutions to 21st century problems. If you don't like it, ride a bike. If you don't like the price at the pumps, ride a bike. Stay tuned for the next big idea for the Democrats: Improving energy efficiency by the horse and buggy."

So proud is McHenry of his witty remarks that he posted the video on his web page.

Like the man said: You cannot make this stuff up.


Iron Maiden Vans

Got my Iron Maiden Vans today. So stoked on this. Zappos has them for $48 shipped.


I'm in love. Sorry to gloat. I got harassed by cops while taking these pictures... Kinda funny. Marinoni -Miche Primato cranks -Phill Woods to Mavic Open Pros 3x rear, radial front -gipiemme seat post, Selle Turbo Bio -Nitto AA stem 2" risers -Oury jungle fever -Crank bros candy sl pedals / MKS Sylvan w/ campy toestraps -NOS bmx chain from '84



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Amanda's got some LOMO pics up on her flickr. We've had the film for a while and just now got around to developing the pics.

Have a look!

Mishka x Mackdaddy

My boys over at Mishka have teamed up with Japanese streetwear label Mackdaddy to produce some really fresh gear. These will drop shortly and will be sold at select retailers as well as their online shop.




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So I started making LOLdings, a play on the LOL cats making their way across the internetz


Pedalmafia features Necro

Japanese bike blog, Pedalmafia has done a 'bike check one two' on Necro. Peep it here


Skidface Video Trailer

Tunnel House

Dan Havel and Dean Ruck's tunnel house took it upon themselves to turn a condemned and soon to be demolished house into a wormhole. Check out Designverb for some more pictures. This one in particular is pretty insane!

The Spiral

The Spiral
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I've uploaded audio from the 77 Boadrum onto Megaupload. Quick, download it HERE!