The long-awaited JJ Abrams movie, Cloverfield hits theaters this Friday. As a small spoiler, the Gothamist has posted some images of the beast, drawn by people who have seen the movie. I'm sure it will live up to it's expectations!


Anonymous said...

heres the video

racer x said...

hmm ive seen these drawings before. i still dont think that they are really indicitive of the beastie.. i suppose we shall see this weekend wont we?

racer x said...

i just left the theater... and holy fuck that movie is god awful to watch. terrible characters horribly acted. an absolute shit contrived plot. and that guy that played "hud" should be looking for a new job cuz he sure cant pull off this acting bit hes decided to follow.

jj abrahms.... you can suck my crust pole.

Prolly said...

YOU are CRAZY! I thought it was fucking bad ASS.

Think about it. When's the last time you saw a GOOD monster movie? The last one I can think of is the Host, which is Korean and in subtitles.

I think Cloverfield was presented in a believable way [I know kids in NYC who fit those character types to a T]

The monster was great, the sfx were exceptional and EVERYONE DIES!

racer x said...

hmm the only good part was when that girl just popped like a zit. that was un nerving the rest was pretty cut and paste to me.
i wouldnt know and wouldnt want to know any nyc'ers that fit that character.. yipes! id probably beat his ass to death with a sock full of quarters haha.
whatever though, your right about the last good monster movie. in fact i have nothing i can even throw up against it as an example.. cuz well .. beyond the silly godzilla movies. they all kinda stink out loud.
oh man its gonna be dry tomorrow! bikey bike bike time!

Prolly said...

Yeah, I know a lot of people who'd fit the characters. Unfortunately...

I thought it was bad ass. Still.

And yeah, it's 20 degrees here. 5 degrees windchill