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Hamburger Eyes

The infamous Hamburger Eyes is now in hardcover book form. I remember picking up my first issue in SF when it was still xeroxed and extremely limited (think swarms of sweaty art kids trying to get their hands on a copy in a cramped gallery space). Today it has become one of the most epic photographic representations of our culture, the National Geographic of uncensored America. For you Cali folk, there is a book release party this Saturday in LA at Hope Gallery. Everyone else, pick up your copy here. A few spreads from the book:


Part of the Mud, Sweat and Tears series... HARLEMAGEDDON! Saturday, May 10th 12:30 Reg 1:30 RACE Checkpoints: Start: Marcus Garvey Park, 12:30 Reg, 1:30 Race 155th st underneath riverside dr grant's tomb 126 W 139th Seaman Ave & Cumming St Highbridge park Flagpole at cloisters Underneath the Henry Hudson Bridge 600 E 125th st Abandoned boat in hudson next to henry hudson parkway (entrance on dykman) Harlem Meer Rat pack spot Checkpoints can be done in any order...


Why So Similar?

I don't care either. My vote for the best movie of 2008 has already been cast.
See more funny videos at CollegeHumor


666 POST

Yes, it's reached that time! Thanks to Iamglenn on Flickr, I've found the appropriate image for this occasion!

Zaha's Chanel Container

The future? is now... and the design animation

Exporting Polo

So this dude Yorgo from London came and played Polo with the NYC heads a few years back. Since then he's started up Polo in London and Paris! Look at the context. Beautiful!




Amanda has started a blog with a few of her friends entitled Is-Mental. "IS MENTAL is a brand new blog brought to you by four awesome ladies you will meet here over the course of the next week. We all share one thing in common: a love of fashion. Gravitating mostly towards avant-garde,high-end street, unique collaborations and vintage, we have a different approach to how we dress and can't wait to share it with you. IS MENTAL will aim to bring you inspiring looks from the streets and dancefloors of NYC and beyond. In addition we will seek out interesting collections, new boutiques, sample sales and exclusive interviews with designers. We have a lot up our sleeves (*pun intended) so stay tuned!"


I'm 27 today...


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Yeah, I was riding fixed when I was 2. Mark those overalls making a come-back too...

Big Sweaty Techno

Mishka presents:

Swedes + Dubstep + BMX

Fucking bangin! TUMULT & CHILDSTORE.SE DUBSTEP MIX from TMLTech on Vimeo.


Stolen Bike

NYC, keep you eyes peeled for Michael Green's stolen orange KHS Aero Track. Sloping top tube, green Aerospoke. Dude literally took it from under Michael's feet. If you see anyone that isn't Michael, GRAB IT!


So Ellen Allien has a new album coming out at the end of May. I heard some samples today and I have to say, this album is really disappointing. I expected a progression from "Orchestra of Bubbles" and what I heard was a mix of Pole and Brian Eno. Not that there's anything wrong with Pole or Eno, just not what I was expecting... Sool seems to be a departure into more atmospheric tones, which is what the name implies. I thought Berlin was bumpin now? Sool is out on May 28th

Tracklisting: 1. Einsteigen 2. Caress 3. Bim 4. Sprung 5. Elphine 6. Zauber 7. Its 8. Ondu 9. Frieda 10. MM 11. Out

She no want no bicycle man

Skinny Digital dropped this on the Bloglin. Needs some more circulation!


Pixel at the Dog Run

Pixel at the Dog Run
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She's training for track season. My dog makes all lefts.


RUSKO this Friday

Trouble and Bass welcomes Rusko to their bass dungeon, Love this Friday night. I can guarantee when he lays down Jahova, Brooklyn Bass Mosh will be in effect. Can't wait!

Actual Pain Spring 08

I have 3 allegiances when it comes to "streetwear". First being Mishka, second, Flying Coffin and last but not lease is Actual Pain . Speaking of the latter, Actual Pain has DROPPED their new Spring line of clothing. So So So feeling the Quothorn memorial tee [Bathory!]. I don't like buying clothing, but I'll always support what these guys do! Including Book of Black Earth, their BAD ASS band.

Mishka x Lamour Sumpreme

Mishka x Lamour Sumpreme
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'nuff said


Urban Outfitters Men's Shoe Promo

Leave it to the kids at Urban Outfitters to market their gear towards specific groups of urban city dwellers. That's who buys their clothes right? I think this promo is entertaining...

More on Kanye

BMW just shot me an email of the BBC blog's coverage on Kanye West's bar ends on his Gangsta... I believe it's "George Bush doesn't care about track people" however. Guess that was too much to fit on the ends! Supermighty's dookie chain made it on as well! My next question is... are there any left over?


Rootbeer pt 2

So I've made a few updates to my Casati Monza. After determining that the previous owner of my C Record cranks had mounted them to a JIS spindle bottom-bracket, I had to switch to a Japitalian setup; Campy cubs and a Shimano spindle. I know I know... I don't wanna hear it! I also got ahold of a set of 3TTT pista bars and a 1a stem. After wrapping them with cork, tying them and corking the ends, I put 3 coats of shellac on them. Came out nice. I learned a few new tricks from doing it on the last setup. I figured that I'd use the Salsa for the track and keep this as the preferred option. Oh and the Flite is for comfort... Next weekend is opening season at Kissena and I can't wait!

Barack Stand

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Ahhhhh this made me smile.

Foam City

The new Sony ad looked like a lot of fun to shoot! Agency: Fallon London. Production company: HLA. Director: Simon Ratigan


CASPA Friday!

Dubstep icon Caspa drops the dub bomb on NYC this Friday at Dubwar! BASS MOSH!

White Tires

A while back I placed a group buy order for a bunch of all-white Zaffiro tires for some of my friends here in New York. Well, Ben's Cycle now has them in stock! No more paying absurd amounts of money from scalpers. Head HERE to get them! $30 USD ain't bad!



Spring has sprung in NYC. Cherry trees have bloomed and everyone's out on their bikes. After Tracklocross yesterday [more on that later], I decided to take it easy today and mess around a bit with my new Crusher and freshly cleaned bike [... I said more on that later!]... Here are two new things I'm working on. and I want to thank Milwaukee Cycles for hooking me up with a Crusher!


Mishka's Simon character has come to life via the hands of Lamour Supreme! Kaiju Invades NYC is premiering this Friday at the Showroom Galley at 117 2nd Ave, 2nd floor!


Salvor Projects

Salvor Projects is a company that started a few years ago in a Bowery basement. Fusing influences from architecture, interior and graphic design, the label produces unique pieces with minimalist geometric prints. They are having a sample sale this weekend with prices slashed up to 50% off tees, scarves, and bags. Friday, from noon to 7 p.m; Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 6 p.m. Salvor Sample Sale, 120 West 28th Street, suite 4K, (between 6th and 7th avenues); 646-241-4823. Cash only.

Kanye's Gangsta

A while back I posted about Kanye West buying himself a Vigorelli. Within minutes, it was abuzz on teh internetz. More versions popped up and more tall tales surfaced. While checking my google reader just now, I saw Trackosaurus' coverage of Kanye West's new Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta track. I didn't believe it. So I checked Highsnobiety's blog and YES it is true!

Carved Wax Crayons

Pete Goldlust makes art out of crayons.


Flickr Video!

What better way to start it off?

Lamour Supreme vs. Mishka

My boy Joel has really done it this time. He's collaborating with Mishka on a top secret project. All I can show you is this... click for full size.

Milwaukee Crusher pt 2

A while back, I blogged about Milwaukee Cycle's "the Crusher" - a solid aluminum bash guard for Sugino 75s. Well, Ben's Cycle hooked me up with this sweet setup to continue and encourage my jackassery on the Surly. Being a North Carolina kid, I had to get the #23... [homage to Sal Barbier too] Big ups guys! Thanks so much!


Office for Metropolitan Architecture has new images up of their Bryghusgrunden Project. I'm really feeling the new Nordic Architecture lately. "BRYGHUSPROJEKTET, DENMARK, COPENHAGEN, 2008 A distinctive mix of architecture center, foundation headquarters, residential units, offices, public program and playground facilities "

Oslo Opera House

Snøhetta has some renderings and drawings of their new opera house in Oslo. I love the articulation of the plaza. Wouldn't fly in the states with all the tripping hazards but you know what? It's called "thinning the herd". Beautiful project. It's a shame their WTC project was canceled.


It's been a while since I last posted about sneakers. Remember when Vans made clipless shoes for BMX racing? No? Well, I had forgotten about them too until I saw the Gyrizo [Greek for Wheel] Dunks that Nike designed for the US Olympic team. BMX racing has taken over two yet to be determined Track events this Summer. This is huge for Bicycle Moto Cross. By the way, if anyone has any clipless Vans in a size 12, let me know!



Does this fit under a helmet? and I thought Belgians and Japanese didn't get along so well... Via SOLD OUT

Trophy Bar

A new bar is opening this week on Broadway in South Williamsburg. A bit off the beaten path, Trophy will be a welcome addition to the growing culture of the neighborhood. "Trophy is the work of Farika, Mandy Misagal, and James Rowe, the team behind Stay Gold Gallery. Stay Gold has been a staple in the Williamsburg art world for over 4 years and has produced more than 30 exhibitions and events, drawing art collectors, musicians, artists, and young professionals. Trophy is an extension of Stay Gold with an emphasis on music, design, and the nascent South Williamsburg community." To celebrate the opening, they are having a little bash this Friday (4/11) with their friends across the street at Yoko Devereaux and will feature the debut of The Penny Dreadfuls who play oldies on dueling wind-up Victrolas. Get there early for the 2 hour open Svedka bar! Prolly's edit: This is also across the street from the future Mishka Flagship store.