Peel Sessions Rollin Strong

I'm recovering from a nasty migraine today. You know, the kind that makes you nauseous and dizzy? Yeah, that kind of a migraine. Regardless though, since I live 2 blocks away from the Peel Sessions spot, we're still on tonight. Same as it ever was... Peel Sessions Bump Yo kids. We're throwin a lil competition tonight. Nothing big. Like 10 minutes. To give you an idea, we're gonna meet around the grind box. See who can do the coolest shit on it. I know most of you haven't done this before, so if you wanna get there early and fuck around on it [or any 12" tall ledge in the city] and try to learn something. Be it pedal grinds, wheel plants, wheel rolls, nose boinks, ect... The coolest shit gets a free Laek house ELVS hat. We've got one for the girls and one for the guys... Also, who ever does the coolest shit throughout the night, gets a voucher for a FREE COPY OF BOOTLEG SESSIONS! The winner will need to be at the Brooklyn Banks at 3pm on Sunday to claim their prize. In order for you to get your prize, you must throw [and hit] a water bottle at Tony. He'll probably be rolling around shirtless too, so make sure you hit him with a 1/2 empty, or 1/2 full, water bottle.

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