Thank You South Carolina

Looks like we've got our next president. Sorry Hillary.


Anonymous said...

south carolina is 1/3 black, and early polls hsowed the obvious: obama would dominate the black vote. the same goes for much of the south (arkansas likely exluded), black voters will carry obama to easy primary vicotries. however. the same cannot be said for much of the rest of the country. hillary has large leads in both the white and hispanic voters and in all groups of older voters, the ones most likely to show up in serious numbers. the end result is that hillary still leads national polls by serious margins. hopefully ted kennedy's endorsement will sway some votes to obama, but things aren't looking good for "super tuesday," when more than 2000 delegates are up for grabs.

the weird thing is, few people are pointing out that the obvious: a) hillary is one of the most hated politicians in america. republicans and many independents despise her. and b) hillary lags by several points in head to head polls with repbulican candidates compared to obama. obama spanks everyone but mccain, who he beats by a small margin. hillary beats everyone but mccain, who she loses to by typically several points. she's simply not very electable. in the end, more so than meaning another of the status-quo-and-nothing-more clinton's as a democratic nominee, her nomination greatly ups the chances of a whack war-monger like mccain being our next president.

erik k said...

prolly... well said. I hope your right

ak said...

Hillary also did the crying gig. Crying presidents are a no-no.

additional interesting point:


Sakkis said...

That almost made me cry.

Prolly said...

Link for aforementioned Hillary crying post