Billabong Bites Cupcakes

No, really. Johnny Cupcakes just posted a bulletin on Myspace. Read below... Above you can see my original golden tooth Johnny Cupcakes design, which was created and released in 2005. It was featured in many magazines, blogs, and even seen on television. Next to it you'll see something very similar. Anyways, a ton of my loyal fans just sent me some different links to this new shirt that Billabong JUST released, called "Billabong Bling Bling". Looks familiar, eh? It's the exact same thing, minus the cupcake! Look at the teeth, look at the bottom row of teeth. With them being a bazillion dollar corporation, you figured they could of at least changed it around a little bit, or hired a decent designer. I guess they had to do this so that all the other corporate giants wouldn't pick on them for not being bully enough. Tssk Tsk! Please spread the word on this not so good situation / "coincidence" via blogs, myspace, facebook, etc.. The truth MUST be told about this type of nonsense! (Feel free to use the photo & info above.) Here's Billabong's info. Please tell them how you feel. Billabong International and Australia Head Office 1 Billabong Place Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 PH: +61 7 55 899 899 FAX: +61 7 55 899 800 EMAIL: info@billabong.com.au


Kristopher said...

you man that shit aint right! I am a designer myself and if I caught someone biting my shit that hard I'd fucking go head hunting. Send them a letter saying that you are talking with your lawyer and you would like them to pay you royalties on any shirts sold and any sold from here on out. That should wake them up!

good luck on handling this matter.

Prolly said...

The sad thing is, this happens all the time. When it happens to someone who you know, it becomes a bit personal.

Honestly, I'd consider it an homage. Some kid who works at Billabong probably is a fan of Johnny Cupcakes, really liked the shirt and thought he could get away with it.

Sucks for sure though. I hope Johnny pulls through and sues them! Maybe then he'll open up a NYC jawn.

Just think about all the corporate logos that were re-appropriated by the skate industry in the mid 90's.

erik k said...

your right man, that is weak they totally ripped him off. I'd be pissed too. If they wana pull shit like that they should do it the way RUCA does with its featured artist line and its ARNP publication, you gota give people some props

brenton said...

there is another copy about as well, but don't remember what brand though.

100% shit that people do this.

Jeremy Pawlowski said...


Not exactly the same, but pretty similar.