Goodbye Blogger!

Beginning tomorrow I will be moving my blog to ProllyisnotProbably.com permanently. All my old posts will remain here, but new information will be updated on ProllyisnotProbably.com daily. Please update all your RSS readers and bookmarks and feel free to post this image to get the word out. Also expect a HUGE update first thing in the morning. You don't want to miss it!


Once again, the Dutch design my ideal utopia. Such a great project on so many levels but honestly, the reason I posted this is because there is a little kid getting pitted on the ramp! S333 Architecture obviously knows what people want; architecture you can ride a bike on! Sure it's mixed use and Americans could learn a lot from the Dutch, especially NYC's urban planners, but something is to be said about the incorporation of the bicycle in everyday life in Holland that hits me as the future, not the past as US-Bureaucrats want you to believe.


Friday night was a blast. The Tom and Tony show rolled into town around 11pm or so. I had been sleeping on the couch since 8pm, so by the time they showed up, I was well rested. We rode all over Midtown and by the time we headed back to Brooklyn, the entire neighborhood was drunk. These two started arguing and eventually the guy in black bitch-slapped the dude in the khaki jacket. Chaos ensued. Sort of. Look closely for Steve's thrown banana...

Bad Boyz

Japan's finest doing what they do!
Bad Boys from NZNZman on Vimeo.

All Things Metal

In case you hadn't caught this before. I saw the metal documentary, Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, on VH1 a while back and this is the anticipated follow-up entitled "Global Metal". Check it out when you have an hour and a half to kill kill kill.


Bike Kill 666

Bike Kill 666
Originally uploaded by jamie nyc
Heal up danny!

Bike Kill 666

Terror Bear digression brought to you by Bike Kill 666 and some other shit



Sexysushi, one of my favorite fixed-gear photographers has posted some more pics from his NYC visit on his Flickr... You remember these?

Locks to Locks

Another event in Seattle you Left coasters should attend!


More and More Halloween Races!

Bike Kill 666 too!

Prolly is Not Probably Exclusive!

this is the remix...
Bootleg Sessions Syndicate Ep 1 from Bootleg Sessions on Vimeo.

Supercorsa Vans

About time Vans did some real cycling shoes! These Supercorsa Eras that Doug got to model look promising!


I wasn't gonna post this...

But since both Kyoichi and Burd did, I figured I might as well. I've been working on the big spins more and more lately and finally dialed them in. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm well-aware I just posted a video last week, but the one in this video is smoother and tonight I landed some pretty unprecedented variations. This is the only one I got on tape before my digital camera died.
More 720 action from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Guys Who Cut Their Own Hair

At Interbike, Stevil from How to Avoid the Bummer Life pulled me aside, stuck a knife to my throat and told me if I screamed he'd give me a "smiley, from ear, to ear". Once I calmed down and got over the intial shock, I listed carefully. He proposed that I post on his "all things track bike and ADD internet blog" he was working on with Swobo. He then told me that Julie, Kevin from Cog Mag and Stevil from Swobo would be posting as well. After I realized he wasn't going to buck fifty me. I agreed! The blog, entitled "Guys Who Cut Their Own Hair" is launching later today! Go ahead and add us to your RSS readers!

Project X

René van Zuuk has finished his Project X house in Almere, Netherlands. I really admire the Dutch design sensibility and his office has built numerous projects that I visited while in Holland in '04. Gorgeous geometry!

I wanna thrash the hell out of this

The first "collabo" bike that KILLS SHIT. Way to go guys!

Positive Approach

Matt up in B-flo just sent me this email about Positive Approach, a new store in Buffalo. Seems the guys at Positive Approach are taking the Cadence model to hear and attempting to recreate what Dustin did in Seattle in Buffalo. Good luck guys! Check out one of their shirts above and a few words from Charlie "Check out the first shirt Joe and I have put together for the Ridden/ Delicious Fixicious Line. You will be able to pick one of these up at the store Positive Approach we are opening up at 611 Elmwood."

Funday 2

Slick moves in there. Justin and Tyler killin it!
Funday #2 from Laali on Vimeo.


MORE Mosher

Does this guy have a job? Everyday there's a new video up. Mosher, you living off Canadian welfare? Another sick video with a solid line. Good job dude!

Hutchinson Ad

I saw this at Interbike this year and it looks like it's made its way to Youtube. Awesome footage. Thanks to Krillz for showing me this.


Vans and Fixed Gear London

So Fixed Gear London just upped these images to their Flickr stream and I have to say, this bike looks so ill! Can't wait to see the whole thing guys! "Fixedgearlondon was founded by Andy and Ted in 2005, riding fixed has since become our lives – and more. This frame is the first that Ted has built from scratch and is Fixedgearlondons’ interpretation of what a Vans fixed gear bike should be like."


Milwaukee Macaframa Premiere

LOOK! It's Wilis!


Seattle Run

Tyler on a run!

Do not try this at home

Holy shit.

House Industries Jersey

House Industries has just released a short-sleeve Merino Wool jersey for the Winter. I wish it were a long-sleeved jersey guys!

More Halloween Alleycats....

If you're throwing an alleycat, shoot me an email with your flier and I'll post it up! Keep em coming!

Trick Track Toronto

Mosher breaks his frame. Like the smoothie + 180 bh combo. Just recently got those as well!
Toronto Track Tricks from Tom Mosher on Vimeo.

Shop Gentei Halloween!

Not only has Baltimore's Shop Gentei just opened a new storefront in Towson, they're also hosting a Halloween Alleycat this year. If Bike Kill and NYC's Halloween race wasn't going on at the same time, I'd definitely make the drive to Bmore and do this race. Gentei's alleycats are always a blast!

New Sword!

No, not the band... the bike made by Fat Bald Men. Thanks for the head's up Burd! I saw these at Interbike. Big improvement! They didn't have the fork at that point however.

If you haven't been to this... [NSFW]

You should go...

Barack Metal

Via the Bloglin "I went into Toy Tokyo before I left for Asia, and Lev asked if Mishka wanted to be part of the Barack Obama Custom Show this weekend at the Toy Tokyo Gallery.

Of course I said yes, but then realized I had NO TIME to paint a custom. I orignally wanted to Barack as a Juggalo, and luckily Lamour came to save the day (again). I think he took my idea and kicked up like 1000000%. So we present to you, the “Barack Metal” Obama Custom."

Fuck McCain

Do not take this too seriously, please. I just have to get this off my chest. I don't post political subjects... But FUCK THIS GUY. What a FUCKING DICK. Look at him trying to back pedal. Idiot. Seriously, subjectively look at this interaction. Make a diagram about McCain's rationale and then read it back to yourself. WHY would you vote for this clown? Don't get me started on this subject... He's LYING to the American people constantly and they're eating it up. Calling Obama a terrorist and then back-pedaling through it when you're interrogated by a latenight talk show host. He'll play off the "God" card and all the hypocrites involved with Christianity will eat it up. Before you say anything, I was raised in a Christian household. Went to church 3 times a week and have read the Bible from front to back. This isn't a Christian. No "God-fearing" or God respecting man or women would ever call Obama a "Nigger" or a "Terrorist". If you HAVE to vote for him, please be it based on some legit reason, not because you think Obama's a terrorist because some redneck bimbo told you he was. [fuck Palin too... dumb bitch] Also, McCain, you FUCKING DUMBASS, Palin is dealing with Down Syndrome, not Autism like you blabbered off 10 times last night.


650c vs. 700c

I'll take this opportunity to raise an important debate in the "fixed gear trick" circle. I think that riding a 650c wheel with no overlap is a cop out. It's great seeing the amount of skill that some riders have been dialing into their tricks while dealing with a 700c barspinable bike. In my opinion, the 700c bikes are the future and the 650c fronts are limiting; horribly handling and ugly. Not to mention pedal strike! Doing tricks with a 700c wheelset is a challenge in it's own and even though it is limiting, it presents new solutions and creates new forms of riding. This takes skill and incredible timing. Everyone riding a 650c front with no overlap should be cranking out variations. Unfortunately, it's all the same. Step it up! Super Ted laying it down and showing kids how it's done. I've been working on these and it ain't easy! SuperTed Bunnyhop Barspin... from Andy Ellis on Vimeo. added points: -26" Rigid MTB forks will allow you to spin a 700c wheel... -These are generally cheaper [+/- $100] than a 650c wheel and a decrease in HT angle provides better handling than an increase... -I wasn't "insulting" anyone who rides a 650c front. This post is just the by-product of a ton of conversations I had with people while in Vegas at Interbike. -I rode a 650c front before. It's not fun and I understand there are trade-offs between a 650c and a 700c front...


We were at DQM this weekend when they were filming this.


Bike Check

Darkthrone's on Pedal Mafia's Bike Check One Two this week. Check it here!

Waxed Cotton Hoodie

I just swung by DQM to throw rocks at Kyle's Vigorelli and decided to pick up one of their Slate Driden Waxed Hoodies instead. They call it a bomber jacket, but it's got a hood! Driden is a material made by The British Millerain in England. It's water-repellent as you can see and has a nice lining. Can't wait for cold weather. A write-up on the material: Driden garments are designed to benefit the wearer in almost any challenging situation. This unique waterproofing treatment gives an aged, distressed appearance that is enhanced twith home laundering.

Sugino Cogs

Ben's Cycles got in the hyped-up Sugino cog carrier set for about $105. Get them now!


Geekhouse bikes have utilized their new Sublimation powdercoating process to make a bike to support Obama's presidential campaign. The best part is, it's on eBay! Bid now and support Obama's campaign!

Well Said


You are Here (the Town)

Stevil of How to Avoid the Bummer Life fame has a gallery opening at Invisible this Thursday. I ran into him today on my lunch break and we discussed a few things, one of which is the sacrificing of bicycle parts to Satan. Not Stan, SATAN. Make sure you get over to his opening as they'll have wine, cheese and crackers for you to dine on. The exhibition will be on view from October 16th – November 15th 2008 with a opening reception held on Thursday, October 16th 2008 from 7pm-9pm

Invisible NYC 148 Orchard Street NYC 10002 212.228.1358 www.invisiblenyc.com