New Bootleg Sessions Trailer

Boooooom boom. Burd released a new Bootleg Sessions trailer. The video's premiering at Bike Shorts next weekend! Head to Galapagos early and get a good seat!


Anonymous said...

im glad they included indy in it. but they didnt get many of the good indy riders. just 2? lame. since burd lives in indy who doing most of the project you'd think he would want more indy riders in the vid. guess not. he rather put the whole thing together in indy with only 1 other indy rider besides himself. kinda stupid.

Prolly said...

If it makes you feel any better, there are no NYC riders on it. Since NYC is responsible for people riding track bikes on the street, I'd say that's a HUGE loss... haha

Kidding, really. From my knowledge, it was an "open" call for entries. If you know Burd, you could have sent him video. This is only the first one. I'm sure more will come.

Burd said...

That's right John, we had an open call on this thing for the "group hug" section. Anyone who wanted to send something in had the opportunity to do so. In Indy, the only rider I met who approached me about filming something was Shawn.

Instead of getting mad, send something in next time! Hell, get in touch with me and I'll even film you myself, like I did with Shawn. I'm always happy to find guys to ride with in Indy!