Slow Sunday

So I drug my ass out of bed today and drank a bottle of Dayquil just so I could make it to the Slow Sunday gathering at the Brooklyn Banks. Slow Sunday is a gig that the Cadence kids from Philly throw every week in downtown Philly. This week they rolled on the Chinatown bus to NYC to mix it up a bit for their Bootleg Sessions. This is more or less most of the footage I snapped with my digital camera. The video should give you a taste of the caliber of riders coming outta the east coast. Oh and I've got a segment in there, doing a no-handed track stall on the 18" grind ledge. Enjoy EDIT: Luke Just uploaded his footage as well!

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Anonymous said...

And I was wondering how you spent your weekend! Two comments:

1. Soooooo . . . . . . and wwwwwhhhhheeeeennnnnn are you eligible for your company's health insurance??????

2. What? No Helmets? Elbow pads?? Knee pads???

Remember way back when - you used to get me to video you and your friends skateboarding and doing stunts? I guess you will always retain a bit of the pre-frontal cortex deficiency.

Otherwise - how are you? Call your mother sometime.