Shiba Friday

Tokyo!!!!!!! Feelin the video. Great to see the 360 Spin to wheelie. Kids are pushing it! Looks like Kyoichi's gettin some ups too! ... on a related noted, I just got some Wellgo Pedals from Danscomp and my feet are already much happier! Makes it easier to do all the tricks I've just learned too!


J.Allen said...

You should try the Soma Oppy XX four gate toe clips. They really hold those double straps in place.

Prolly said...

Awesome! I'll look into them!

FUGLY said...

hows pedal strike with those bigger pedals?

Prolly said...

I haven't noticed a significant change. When I ride fakie, sometimes I cut corners sharp and last night I didn't strike once.

The BB height on the Surlys is really really low too...

Andy said...

anyone know the artist behind the track? a welcome relief from the alt punk whatever i was expecting

Prolly said...

Andy, It sounds like it could be a number of artists. If you're into it, some musicians I would recommend would be:

-Prefuse 73
-Derosa and Asora

Andy said...

hah you gotta be kidding me...you just read back to me half of my favorite electronica artists (plaid and prefuse in particular). thanks so much for the new recommendations though. i will check them out asap. to return in kind, i would recommend:

DJ Edit
Machine Drum
Tiki Obmar
Mr Projectile

finally, dig my mix here for more of the same http://www.megaupload.com/?d=65C5DLV2

Prolly said...

Yeah, I saw Apparat live a few times. He's my favorite producer. Not too much into the "IDM" stuff anymore. Been feeling Dubstep as of the past few years.

Andy said...

i presume you have their "everything is frickled" 2xCD then. if not, b line it straight to the shoppe and treat yourself to my favorite release of 2008 thus far.

Prolly said...

yep! It is a great album!