The Host Q&A

One of my favorite horror / sci-fi films as of recent years is The Host. Even though it's a Korean film with English subtitles, it's worth the watch. I first saw it when it was released in the States and it's ranked in my top 10 recent movies of choice. From the plot to the special effects, it's a great film! And check out that monster! Next Friday, the 27th, at the New Museum, there will be a Q&A session with Hub Fellow Haeyun Park. Park will discuss everything from the Anti-Americanisms within the films plot to the 5-year ban on US Beef imports to Korea.


FUGLY said...

fuck yeah man. i was hesitant. i saw it. it delivered. haha. that movie is fucking cool for sure.

MikeW said...

Definitely a good movie, The monster is siiick, I must say a bit cheesy at some points but all in all a good movie

Angelo R. said...

I downloaded this on your recommendation. Although some minor levels of cheese, overall it was a great flick.

One thing I kept noticing throughout the movie (and whenever I get a glimpse into japanese, korean, thai, chinese, etc culture) they love individually packaged products. It makes me cringe.