Obama Meets with Bicycle Industry

I had to post this story about Obama AFTER the story on Bush. From Bike Radar "United States Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, a senator from Illinois, met with leaders from the US bicycle industry to discuss two-wheeled initiatives at the home of FK Day, one of SRAM's founders June 12." Left to Right: Allen Needle (Giant), Greg LeMond, Chris Kegel (Wheel & Sprocket), Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Tim Blumenthal (Bikes Belong), Chris Fortune (Saris), hostess Leah Day, Senator Barack Obama, host F.K. Day (SRAM), Stan Day (SRAM), Michael Mercuri (SRAM), Pat Cunnane (Fuji), Kozo Shimano (Shimano), Patrick Seidler (WTB), Chris Lambiase (Bicycling Magazine), and Steve Flagg (QBP)

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