Merckx Pics

So I finally got around to taking pictures of my new Merckx. There's a polished stainless steel garage door over by the East River in Greenpoint that I came across last week. It made for a perfect backdrop. Anyway, here she is. 59.5 center to top seat tube 57 center to center top tube Cinelli 2a stem + Criterium bars CRecord cranks Super Record seat post CRecord headset Concor Profil saddle Phil Wood 36h 3x fix/fix to Mavic Open Pro CDs


Matt said...

the world is jealous. that thing is fucking money

Burd said...

Good lord. What a gorgeous piece of mechanizery.

Prolly said...

thanks guys. This bike is made up of deals made possible by my good friends.

Alan from Cycling WMD gave me the Super Record seatpost for a NOS turbo saddle, Sasha sold me the frameset and headset for a mind-blowing deal and Affinity Cycles hooked me up on the price of the hubs and wheel build. Trackstar also sold me the bar / stem combo for an insane price.

NYC's cycling "scene" is a very giving one indeed!

Lamalex said...

Prolly, you're an ass.

And yeah, I'm just jealous.