Sweden or Bust!

Cross-posted from the Bloglin because I am jetlagged! Last week I flew over to the Nordic Motherland known as Sweden to wade through tall fembots and snowy streets. I was told that I had missed the "nice" weather by a week and since it was Easter and the Swedes celebrate the fertile bunny rabbit-holiday like it's Christmas, most of the shops I wanted to check out were closed. Luckily for me, the Mishka family in Stockholm is strong. A lot of shops carry Mishka and since Greg and Mike were just over there a few months ago, the shop owners were familiar with the NYC crew. They took us in like family and showed us all the local spots. Luckily for me I had met a dude who works at Caliroots and has ties to Odd Number, Stockholm's only Track Bike boutique. Richard took us to all the essential shops and showed us around on his day off. We hit up Weekday, Caliroots, Six Feet Down, Black Market, Sneakers n Stuff and a few others. Our last shop was Monkey Bizz and after we spent about 30 minutes looking for it, we found it. Tarek, the owner, was a great host. Monkey Bizz carries a lot of NYC brands and other staples like Flying Coffin and Actual Pain and Tarek had put Greg up in the crackhouse a while back, so he had a lot of stories. Enough chitter-chatter, here are some pics! A restaurant called Bauer Parra x Caliroots Six Feet Down Nike's Be True Monkey Bizz! Garlic and Shots' HUGE fucking burger... "hey man" Haberdashery, another Mishka account with the finest selection of denim in Sweden! ... and these Mackdaddy x Madfoot collaborations! ... my last night there Tarek took us to Pelikan for fist-sized meatballs!

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