So I've been on a classy bike-nerd kick. I got some 3TTT Pista bars a few weeks back and wanted to shellac the cork Cinelli tape I picked up. I remember seeing the owner's bike of my old LBS back in NC having a fly-fishing twine wrap at the end of his bartape. I figured the Casati would be a perfect ride to do this on. I drank some red wine by myself and cleaned up the Surly because it's been nasty for a while now. Instead of using the Cinelli bar ends, I plugged the bars with the corks. Put a coat a day on them for 3 days and they dried matching my Brooks Swift perfectly. The pictures are horrible. My apologies. It's not as glossy as the pictures make it seem. Now, I just need to strip my Salsa and get it painted to match the bike's Root Beer color. This is the final color and texture. Click the image to view it larger!

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