Randall's Island Tracklocross!

Dear friends, charming acquaintances, reliable accomplices, and occasional enemies - it gives me great joy to announce the funnest spring race series that you will compete in. It will leave you tired, sore, possibly intoxicated, with a solid alibi, and with smiles all over your face and mud all over everything else: MUD, SWEAT, AND TEARS Featuring: Saturday, April 12: Team Wreck Stuff Presents, Sludgement Day: The Day of Wreckoning. .....Randall's Island Circuit Racing. Rat Pack Hustle sprint competition. Skid-hockey, mudsprints, grasstrackstands, and other tomfoolery. Tuesday, April 22: Randall's Island Tracklocross .....Evening Grasstrack Races on this weirdly quiet island. Because falling down is more fun if you do it on the grass. Tuesday, April 29: Randall's Island Tracklocross .....cause Grasstrack racing gets a little easier the second time around. But dammit if you don't look good covered in mud! Saturday, May 10: Harlemegeddon Cyclocross Alleycatastrophe: The Uptown Beatdown. .....An alleycat featuring some tough-to-find checkpoints, garunteed to leave you muddy, lost, and possibly sold for parts. Winners for each event receive points toward overall standings. The use of fixed gears is strongly encouraged. Feel free to bring out bikes that are made for this sort of idiocy, but good luck winnin’ shit from our awesome list of sponsors, which currently includes: Continuum Cycles, Affinity Cycles, Mer Bags, Fabric Horse, Laek House, Mishka NYC, Ghostship Clothing, Taliah Lempert/Bicycle Paintings, Profile Racing, Keirin Culture... with more coming as time passes and we get stupid enough to be thinking how awesome this is going to turn out! We’ll be prizing winners, hardworkers, best crashers, muddiesters, most fun, awesomest high five giver, and most charming. And maybe some more categories, too. Feel free to bring beer! NEWS AND INFORMATION? tracklocross.blogspot.com - we'll be updating this as time goes along. GOT SOME QUESTIONS? EMAIL: tracklocross |at| gmail.com ... and if that's not enough, Dan Bones is working on this sick artwork as well!

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Der Blaue Reiter said...

Aw man! this looks really cool! exactly what a crazy city-rider race should be... Gotta move to a real city...

Nearly spent money on the profile hubs, bought Miches instead :\ No purple for me.