picture by Blake Man, I am beat. Exhausted. Windburnt... What a weekend. Seriously. This is why NYC rocks. A week ago, Carlos and Squid "canceled" Monstertrack via teh internetz. Kids from all over's hopes were crushed while the organizers scrambled to recover the energy and organize a "word of mouth" race. Friday was Goldsprints. I've never done this before and was quite intimidated by the whole ordeal. You're essentially on a stage with a huge projection screen behind you. There are two of you, two bikes, two rollers and your forks are locked into a bracket. The organizer yells "GO!" and you spin your ass off for 250 meters. About 250 people or so showed up, 75 raced and it was a 5 hour event. I went 5th and got a 16.53, which held onto the 4th place for most the night. Then a few dudes came in and resorted the boards, bumping me down to 6th which is where I stayed. It came down to Pablo and Chaz from Portland. Chaz beat Pablo in round 2. The next day was the side events. Sprints, long skids, trackstands and freestyle. The main race followed afterwards and we all met up at Rockstar Bar for the Awards. Sunday was Velocity where Messengers, City Riders, New Jacks and Seasoned Track Riders were pitted [heh] against each other in 20mph headwinds and 30 degree temps. Ultimately, at the end of the weekend, the "Dart" guys did pretty well: Wilis got 4th in Monstertrack. It was his first NYC Alleycat and his first time racing MT. I held 6th at Goldsprints Tony won the freestyle events Luke won a few of the track events and ultimately finished 2nd overall I got 2nd in my first track race

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Anonymous said...

umm prolls.... about 250 people showed up friday night and we RACED about 75... which made our "race" bigger than the ride Saturday afternoon.

thanks for coming out and giving ut a spin!!

-da dear leader