10 Bike Rack Finalists

So even though my work with Anna Telcs didn't make it into the top 10 designs for the new NYC bike racks, the finalists still look really awesome. Check em out! Via NYTimes and Sevenonefixed

Team Pegasus Calendar

Hot girls on bikes! Sex sells for sure and one thing we're all aware of is that bikes sell too! Check out the Team Pegasus calendar for 2009 that's about to drop. Are you excited? We sure are. Available soon for your purchasing pleasure, the Ladies of Team Pegasus (and friends) 2009 calendar. Enjoy 13 pieces of original artwork featuring two fail-safe subjects: ladies and bicycles. Below are two teasers- they’re from the same shoot as the finals, but these exact ones won’t be in the calendar: Now don’t get too excited yet! We’ll have a Google check-out available soon to take your hard-earned cash. Keep checking in for a post- we’ll let you know when it’s available for pre-order.

New DS+R Website

Thanks to Jonathan from WSDIA for sending this over to me. It seems Pentagram has reupped Diller Scofidio + Renfro's website using Papervision!

Q is for Quality

Via the DQM Product Page Lookin good fellas! “DQM ZX 90

Dave’s Quality Meats’ ‘Q’ choice to pick the slimline ZX 90 design means a shoe that’s perfect for everyday wear, and well suited to cycling via some stylish applications and utilitarian additions to this contemporary Torsion runner. Reflective mesh and paneling means extra visibility, while the mix of sky blue, bright red, light green and black is a unique but aesthetically pleasing one, with a matching lace for each color. These New Yorkers are professionals when it comes to collaborative footwear, and from the choice-of-model to the minimal branding, thinking differently again for this opportunity has made for another classic.”

Welcome Back Tony

Tony gets back from a 3 month hiatus in India today. Kid's working on a PhD in Material Engineering. Welcome back man!

More OG Flatland

via 3Bancho!


Interbike 2000Hate

So it's taken me a few days to write up a post-Interbike report. I can assure you that I have legit reasons. After landing in Vegas and my sinuses and nasal passageway adjusted to the zero humidity, we headed to the one thing that would refuel our savage appetites, an In and Out burger. We then went to Home Depot and got all the materials for the Affinity Cycles booth. Initially I had drafted up a balloon-framed wall and a nice bench and display podium but after we found out about all the unions that have Vegas conventions on lock down, we had to redesign it a bit. It seems that if anyone wants to set up a booth, they have to pay Unions up to $2,000 to bring it in! We found a loop hole around that and quickly reassessed our booth. After 4 hours in Home Depot, we had a good redesign. Instead of framing a wall, we'd use scabbed-together hollow core doors and we'd rip down and cut all the lumber needed for a bench. Rather than building a platform, we'd use adhesive linoleum tile flipped upside down and adhered to the floor with carpet tape. The adhesive backing would serve as a means for attaching our graphics to the floor. The rest of the graphics were wheat-pasted into place. We stayed at the convention center until 2am that night, wheat-pasting and building the booth. When Interbike opened on Wednesday morning, we were ready to roll. I'm not sure how many of you have been there before or worked a booth at the show, but it's grueling; giving the same dog and pony show each time an interested person walks up to a bike and asks the same question. Affinity released two new models at Interbike; the Kissena, their aluminum track frame and the XS Low Pro, a 47cm Pursuit. Both of these bikes, along with their Uptown Girl Road frame the the Medium Low Pro were huge hits. Even though we were in the BMX section of the show, we still got a ton of feedback and visitors, as well as a ton of new distributors. I met a ton of really awesome people the first day, including Stevil Kineval of How to Avoid the Bummer Life fame. We discussed plans for world domination via the potential for yet another digital wormhole. Coincidently, I bumped into Steve at the Surly booth, where weeks prior, the Surly rep had promised me beer in exchange for breaking one of their frames. Well, the beer didn't happen, but it was nice bumping into Steve. I also saw the Urban Velo guys there and rapped with the Profile dudes and Drew from Ben's Cycle about a uber-super top secret project. It was also great talking to the BMX dudes who swung by. I continued to browse through the unobtainable bike pr0n for the remainder of the day. We also got to see the world premier of Macaframa, an SF-based track bike video. The premier went well and the time we spent in the parking lot of front of the UNLV student center was the most fun I had on the entire trip. While all this was going on, the Affinity guys were getting into trouble. The next morning wasn't so glamorous. I also had the wonderful experience of joining 40+ brakeless idiots in a drag race down the strip for the MASH race. I think I came in about 8th or so after getting separated from the pack by a skiddish rider... So it was our last day in Vegas and we were all beat. Our room was a mess, our bodies ached and my wallet was empty. Perfect timing to return back home. The last morning in Vegas...

144bcd Stout!

Bens has done it again! A 144 BCD Stout guard for your 144 BCD cranks!

Puma iCycle Day 1

So I was at this event and missed the 2nd installment of the Puma iCycle Goldsprints. Check out this Vimby clip!

Ain't Nobody Cooler

Crazy video! Thanks NuBloom!
CLP - Ain't Nobody Cooler (Video edit) - BNR27 from CLP - Chris de Luca vs Phon.o on Vimeo.


Goldsprints NYC at Interbike

I'll be at Interbike all week with Affinity Cycles so roll through. Thursday night, after the Macaframa premiere, head over to Goldsprints!


New Mash Site

So MASH has re-upped their site with some great videos and one MAJOR mistake in the blogroll! [thanks guys! I feel honored regardless of the misspelling!]

Actual Pain in Vice

I just saw that Actual Pain was in Vice this month and figured I’d post the picture.


Another Promising Interbike Launch

Got this email from Jeff of Bike Jerks. Seems he's launching his brand, All-City at this years Interbike. Jeff, I'll be there and will swing through! Some words from Jeff: We are launching the All-City brand at Interbike, one of the key ways in which I hope to disseminate information is through the fixed gear blogs. You may know me from my work with my own little company Bike Jerks. This is a completely separate entity and is my day job. It is a rider founded, rider run company. We plan on making the kinds of parts and frames that we've always wished for and wanted. We plan on supporting the track and fixie community in every way we can afford. This is every rider's or at least my dream situation. I will send you some early product shots next week. If you have the inclination please post up the logo to let people know we're coming and we plan on making their lives better.

OM Gebel Barkal

When Sleep broke up and formed OM, the world became a happier and more sedated place. When OM broke up a few months back, I was distraught. Conference of the Birds and Pilgrimage are two of my all time favorite albums. Now OM is back with a new drummer and SubPop has their new 7" entitled Gebel Barkal. It's short at 9.3 minutes, but it gives you a good taste of what's to come. Really enjoying the dubbed-out Version track.

Macaframa World Premiere

48fps group ride will be in effect too! Via the Maca blog

Monument Race!

Ryan just passed this along to me. Check out the details Seattle!

Puma Roller Races Tonight!

Thursday Sept. 18: Open Qualifiers All riders will post a seeding time. Team rankings will be determined by averaging the two teammate times. Depending on if we have the sixteen slots filled or not we can open the competition up to teams of people that show up and form that night. Also (time permitting) people who want to try and better their time can have another go. All the data will be posted so teams can see how they stack up against the competition. It will help to have team names and an email for each team so we can post results the following day. Friday September 26: Team Finals First Round- Sixteen teams go head to head in elimination heats. Teams will be bracketed according to their times from the Open Qualifiers. One rider from each team will compete, only winning riders teams will advance. Second Round- With Eight teams left, second rider from each team will compete, only winning riders teams will advance. Third Round- Four teams left, riders from First Round will compete only winning riders teams will advance. Final Round- Will consist of two races pitting the last two teams riders against each other. If one team wins both races, they win overall. If it is a split with one win per team, the winners of each race will go head to head to determine overall.


Shred Fest

the best flier...

Berkeley Downhill Productions Baby!

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo. Pretty insane shit. via MacaBlog


Speaking of the Milwaukee Blog, check out what they just got in stock!

Dubstep Bangers

I was reminded yesterday by a blog reader that I haven't talked about music in a bit. It's started to cool down here in NYC and I've gotten back into listening to Dubstep on my morning rides to work. After downloading some of the Rinse.fm pod casts, I found a few key tracks that I'm excited about hearing more often! Plastician "Kosheen Guilty Remix" Caspa "Where's my Money?" Skream "Memories of a 3rd Base" and from out in left field, Chasing Shadows "Dr. Sin" this track gets me so hyped. I'm familar with their Flashing Lights track off some of the Dubstep Allstars cds, but this track is so dialed.

White Men Don't Need to Jump

1. Accept the fact that, being vertically challenged, you’ll never be any good at basketball. 2. Look for old bike frames. Weld two together in the most solid way possible to create a Tall Bike. 3. Figure out a way to link the pedals to the wheel via an ingenious chain system. Then realize that brakes are too complicated to install. 4. Find a fellow short tall bike rider willing to play ball. 5. Find a ball boy ready to help when it stops bouncing. Getting on and off a Tall Bike can be rather time-consuming. 6. Understand rudimentary basketball rules (bounce ball off the ground, put it through hoop). 7. Head for the basket, avoiding your rival while bouncing the ball. Falling is not recommended from that height. 8. Let go of handlebars. Slam dunk. Lose bike. 9. Realize that you are very far from the ground. Jump down. 10. Claim loudly that you’ve invented a new sport - Tall Bikesketball. thanks for the heads up Yorgo!

Milwaukee Bicycle Hats!

Found this on Milwaukee's new blog. Nice design and colorway!


Fixtee is a fixed-gear clothing company who plans on making a custom bike t-shirt for every month. Cool idea!

Blog Spin?

Tom and Tony... You guys are getting your tires slashed for sure. So a while back, we did a photoshoot for Cool Mag, a Japanese magazine. Ichigo from SAG asked Tom to name the tricks and he consulted Tony Fast. They came up with a name for my big spin and here it is...


Really digging this pic I found on Sexy Sushi's Flickr!

Walk Like An Egyptian

Perks and Mini has put out another killer collection this season. One standout item (because it's not clothing) is this double-sided wool blanket. I love Egyptian references— learning about the pyramids was my favorite part of history class. That aside, I'm sure all you bike junkies would like a blanket with a wheel on it.


Hey Complex!

He's on a ROAD BIKE!

Oh Snap pt. 2

Did a 180 off a lip and OH SNAP! No more broken bike bits!

Boogie Nights Reminder!

See ya there! What: A weekly fixed-gear r**cing series Where: Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Why Boogie?: Everyone has one special thing, and one fixed gear Next Hook-up: September 17th, 9pm Event Rating: NC-17 Admission: $3 (voyeurs are free) Protection: Lights and helmet This week's event: 3 lap scratch contact dirk.bigring@gmail.com for more information


Profile Fix / Fix

The day has come! Finally Profile has made fix/fix hubs! It's time for me to lace up a new rear wheel. Cant wait to get my grubby hands on one.

I-Cycle Gallery Opening


Tokyo BFF pt. 3

Look at all the Brooklyns!
Bicycle Film Festival TOKYO '08 PART 3 from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.

Profile Road Hubs!

Wow. Just wow. What a great idea! Way to go guys! Profile Road / Cross hubs are coming!

Metal Race 2 Recap

What a night. I'm still sore. Thom delivered with this race. Our course was about 30 miles. It began at 9:30 and I crossed the finish first at 11:49pm. Each checkpoint was a graveyard, including the WTC site! At each checkpoint you had to do a task like sign the manifest in your own real blood, bring roadkill, shotgun a beer, get slapped by a groupie, be anointed with fake blood and let all but 30 psi out of your tire. Below is Doug's map. I've got a pedometer in the works as well. I think around 40 people entered it and only 15 finished it. It was the first race that I've gotten first place in and riding with Doug and Yatika was no easy task. Both of those dudes are always top 5 in every race and I've never hustled so hard in my life. Because Jack is so metal, his bonus points bumped him from 10th place to 1st! I pulled in 2nd place after answering a few questions wrong, but what can I say? Jack had a massive gaping wound on his arm and had drank a whole bottle of Jager before the race! I have a ton of pictures in my Flickr stream, so check em out! View Larger Map

Point A to Point B

I'll be in Vegas for Interbike and it looks like there's a 6 mile drag race on that Thursday night. Should be a fun time. Big money, big prizes. Click the image to view larger. Time to push the 50:14... HA via Mash


Metal Race 2 TONIGHT

The Metal Race is TONIGHT. Get your ass outside! View Larger Map


Show Me Your Dark Side

My buddy Wes sent me this... Amazing work.