White Men Don't Need to Jump

1. Accept the fact that, being vertically challenged, you’ll never be any good at basketball. 2. Look for old bike frames. Weld two together in the most solid way possible to create a Tall Bike. 3. Figure out a way to link the pedals to the wheel via an ingenious chain system. Then realize that brakes are too complicated to install. 4. Find a fellow short tall bike rider willing to play ball. 5. Find a ball boy ready to help when it stops bouncing. Getting on and off a Tall Bike can be rather time-consuming. 6. Understand rudimentary basketball rules (bounce ball off the ground, put it through hoop). 7. Head for the basket, avoiding your rival while bouncing the ball. Falling is not recommended from that height. 8. Let go of handlebars. Slam dunk. Lose bike. 9. Realize that you are very far from the ground. Jump down. 10. Claim loudly that you’ve invented a new sport - Tall Bikesketball. thanks for the heads up Yorgo!

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