Metal Race 2 Recap

What a night. I'm still sore. Thom delivered with this race. Our course was about 30 miles. It began at 9:30 and I crossed the finish first at 11:49pm. Each checkpoint was a graveyard, including the WTC site! At each checkpoint you had to do a task like sign the manifest in your own real blood, bring roadkill, shotgun a beer, get slapped by a groupie, be anointed with fake blood and let all but 30 psi out of your tire. Below is Doug's map. I've got a pedometer in the works as well. I think around 40 people entered it and only 15 finished it. It was the first race that I've gotten first place in and riding with Doug and Yatika was no easy task. Both of those dudes are always top 5 in every race and I've never hustled so hard in my life. Because Jack is so metal, his bonus points bumped him from 10th place to 1st! I pulled in 2nd place after answering a few questions wrong, but what can I say? Jack had a massive gaping wound on his arm and had drank a whole bottle of Jager before the race! I have a ton of pictures in my Flickr stream, so check em out! View Larger Map


Seattle alleycat said...

What the shit?- Way to Slay! Our races seem like frolicking in a field full of wildflowers in comparison. Looks brutal as fuck.

Prolly said...

Jack had to get stitches and at the last CP, you had to let all the air out of your tire. I almost ate shit hauling ass across town at 11:00pm on a Saturday night. It was pretty nuts.

mlp said...

so jack cheated by borrowing my bike?