G Shocks

Some people argue that once something becomes popular, it becomes so overly-saturated that they lose interest. I disagree. Case in point; the new Casio G Shocks. These watches aren't "collabos" or "company x company" or "Japanese only". They're standard releases! I've worn GShocks for a bit and I'm stoked to see these colourways coming out. I already got mine! Black and neon green / yellow.


Taylor said...

G-shock always rules pretty hard... no exception.
concre.net you seen that?

Flanagan said...

its just another one of the styles that have resurfaced. what was rad in elementary or middle school are now "hip" again. this pattern will always occur...for a few reasons. 1) the sake of childhood nostalgia 2) the ever so popular ironic choice of wrong era style or 3) the "retro style" has finally reached the 80s and now, dabbing into the 90s.

we've seen this pattern for the last few years...bright colored (borderline neon) attire, swatch watches, shoes with 80s patterns, (the slap bracelet aaalmost made it back), and now...G-shock on my diiiock