Flatbed Scanner Images

Decided I'd try this out. The results are pretty crazy!


Beautiful #3 - Bloomframe

Leave it to the Dutch [again] to create a highly functional and ingenious design for their dense urban fabric. Hofman Dujardin Architects developed the Bloomframe balcony to make it possible to extend one's apartment out past the facade. The fenestration becomes an inhabitable zone and a much needed breath of fresh-air. In doing so, the balcony can be "packed away" during the winter and opened up for the summer. I could imagine a high-rise in Rotterdam with random patterns of balconies extended out and littered with plants and furniture.


Team Shadetek and High Priest Release Party

SOUND|iNK Records and RE:UP Magazine Present HIGH PRIEST & TEAM SHADETEK DOUBLE RELEASE PARTY Thursday, March 29th @ 205 Club (205 Chrystie Street) 7:00-10:00pm Performing live: High Priest (SOUND|iNK, ex-Anti-Pop Consortium) Team Shadetek (SOUND|iNK, WARP) 77Klash & JahDan (Klash City Records, Noble Society) Zesto! (Stolen Music, Quashonez) DJs: Drop the Lime (Tigerbeat6, Trouble & Bass) Star Eyes (Syrup Girls, Trouble & Bass, XLR8R) Matt Shadetek (SHADETEk, Trouble & Bass) Zack Shadetek (SHADETEk, Trouble & Bass) DJ Leftenant (SOUND|iNK, UNdivided) + Special guest DJs from RE:UP Magazine... Team Shadetek's "Brooklyn Anthem" video screening upstairs all night and free stuff from SOUND|iNK, RE:UP Magazine, and Free News Projects) www.sound-ink.com www.reupmag.com www.freenewsprojects.com

year zero

Not that anymore hype is needed, but... I like hearing Trent angry. Peep their video for Survivalism here From Wikipedia: Year Zero

The upcoming Nine Inch Nails studio album is entitled Year Zero and will be released on April 17, 2007.[50] The first single, entitled "Survivalism", was due for radio airplay on March 6, 2007,[51] but received an early premiere along with other songs from the album on the NIN MySpace page.[52]GarageBand format The song was later released in for remixing.

A viral marketing campaign has emerged to promote the album's concept. Clues from tour t-shirts have led fans to discover websites that describe an "Orwellian picture of the United States circa the year 2022,"[53] and a telephone number that returns a clip of "Survivalism". In addition, the Year Zero song "My Violent Heart" was reportedly found on a thumb drive in the bathroom stall at a NIN show in Lisbon, Portugal (as were other new tracks "Me, I'm Not" and "In This Twilight" at other European concert venues) ahead of their debut on MySpace. This suggests that the band itself covertly distributed the new music. Fan participation in this alternate reality game has caught the attention of the media; MTV News, USA Today, and Rolling Stone have cited fan-site The NIN Hotline, forum Echoing the Sound, fan club The Spiral, and NinWiki as sources for new discoveries.


The Summer of AHHHHHH has begun

Oh my GOD #2 has hit. Dinosaur Jr Irving Plaza, New York, NY Wed, Jun 6, 2007 08:00 PM Just got my tickets and I am soooo excited. It'll be my 2nd time seeing them and my 3rd time seeing J. Mascis. I'm getting nostalgic. I remember being 14 and having my dad buy my "Where you Been" on Vinyl so I could listen to it on his Sansui system. I still have it at home in NC. Might have to break it out!

The Fucking Champs

The Fucking Champs grace Studio B June 5th. Oh My GOD. They're promoting their new CD, a follow up to their album V, the ever-so-predictible VI, Here are the details: THE FUCKING CHAMPS [possibly Trans Champs or The Fucking AM] Plus Special Guests [probably Trans Am] 8pm $10 ticketweb.com Also, Thursday, May 3rd is Trans Am at Studio B so check it!

Shirt designs

So I have been messing around making hatch files in Vectorworks and translating them into Illustrator. Hopefully this can end up on a shirt or a messenger bag. Diggin' the tectonics!

Benny Gold Interview

Feedmecoolshit.com interviewed the HUF graphic designer Benny Gold this week. For the most part, the interview is hitting some of the same topics that a lot of major graphic designers get, but some of the imagery is worth checking out. I really love seeing design sketches compared to the final result.

Dirty Down Interviews #3

So Patrick of Cut / Dirtydown fame interviewed one of my favorite djs and friend, Drop the Lime / Curses! on the third installment of the Dirty Down interviews. Watch both parts to get an interesting background on one of NY's most original and progressive DJs. There are two parts embedded below


Cut Presents Ellen Allien

I can't compose a proper sentence right now so I'll let the pictures do the talking [or typing?] Here's some choice shots and more can be found here. The Captain has some shots up on Dirtydown too!


Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller's installed a childhood icon in the Tate Modern. Pretty slick!

Man vs. Machine

Having been chased by a car before, I can identify with Kevin Bacon... We are getting Quicksilver in the mail today and I'm rather excited to see this film again. It's been a while. This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie.


Morality Week - YAY!

Sometimes I'm really glad I no longer live in the South. With such great events like UNC-Greensboro's Morality Week, put on by the UNCG College Republicans, why would you want to escape such radical conservatism? I mean, why not step on everyone's toes at once? With my conservative Christian upbringings, I still have some rather strong opinions regarding morality, but these seem to be a little extreme on the "stereotypical archetypes" end of the spectrum. The angry Christian persona further perpetuated by such movies as Jesus Camp [mass-media] and the personal vindications of such people seem to be bringing our country down the path to a Religious Monarchy... One of the very things our "founding fathers [in redneck accent]" were escaping in the first place... Read the quoted schedule of events:
  • Monday, March 26th: "Pro-Life Day" - An outdoor display in front of Jackson Library from 10:00am - 4:00pm will show similarities between abortion and cases of genocide throughout history. At 7:00pm in the New Science Building auditorium, former United States Treasurer and pro-life activist Angela 'Bay' Buchanan will speak on abortion and the failures of feminism.
  • Tuesday, March 27th: "Terrorism Awareness Day" - The College Republicans will distribute literature in front of Jackson Library from 10:00am - 4:00pm which discusses the roots of modern radical Islamic terrorism in previous extremist movements, including Nazi Germany. The film Obsession on the same subject will be presented at 7:00pm in the Elliot University Center auditorium.
  • Wednesday, March 28th: "Straight Pride Day" - The College Republicans will distribute literature on traditional family values in front of Jackson Library from 10:00am - 4:00pm.
  • Thursday, March 29th: "Support Our Troops Day" - Military recruiters will be in front of Jackson Library between 11:00am and 2:00pm distributing literature, and Iraqi War veteran Lt. Col. Scott Rutter will speak on the importance of supporting our military at 7:00pm in the Weatherspoon Art Museum auditorium.
  • Friday, March 30th: "PETA Barbeque" - The College Republicans will wrap-up the week with their annual PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals) Barbeque in front of Jackson Library from 11:00am - 2:00pm.
This year, by partnering with the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans, Morals Week events will take place on 10 college campuses across the state. The UNCG College Republicans have received national media attention for the controversy surrounding their conservative events on the extremely liberal UNCG campus. Previous functions have included an "affirmative-action bake sale" in 2004, the display of a one-ton Ten Commandments monument in 2005, and a Fall 2006 lecture by Iraqi General Georges Sada, one of the General's first university speaking engagements in the United States. It's all a method of "flailing your arms before you drown..."

Morphable 3d Faces from 2d Images

Technology is moving forward at exponential rates. Recording real-world information via 3d meshes seems to be the obvious direction that our digital media devices are taking [sketchup, 3d XML using catia and google earth's importing software]. MPI for Biological Cybernetics seem to be doing just that. Well, maybe their approach is a bit more interesting than mapping the 3d environment. Interesting, but scary... Wasn't there a movie made in the 90's reminiscent of this?


We Are Your Friends

Tomorrow night at K&M

Inside Job

An Ernest Sewn event. Thursday, March 22nd NYC. Featuring the below-listed artists.



This week's "beautiful" post is regarding an old form of Camouflage. "Razzle dazzle" was a form of camouflage used by the US and UK during WWI. Its intent was to cause miscalculation in estimation of the ship's speed and direction. The visual rangefinders of the time were easily fooled by the contrasting and overlapping geometric patterns. The markings of such camouflage have since then made their way into different forms of artistic expression. Now I'm not sure that artists pulled from 'razzle dazzle' as a form of precedent, but the similarity is striking. Here is a beautiful image of such camouflage patterns. Unfortunately, there were no color images of these war ships.

Ellen Allien, Ms. Kitten and Lauren Flax Saturday

DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. Everyone who flaked on Booka Shade missed one of the most epic parties of the year and this joint will be poppin' off proper so get there early. I'm resting up all week for this.


Sweet Talk NYC Set is up

On my Flickr. This showcase took place at the Center for Architecture yesterday afternoon. There were only 150 people there for this event. Some of the world's top designers and artists presented their work, direction and intent in a very open-ended, discussion-based lecture. I was blown away by Michal C Place, Glen E Friedman and Timothy Saccenti. Some influencial artists that will mark this century with their work. Here are some choice pics. Enjoy.

Sneak Peak

Mishka was interviewed on Slamxhype recently. Along with an in-depth discussion about their 'direction' as streetwear designers, they showcase some of their upcoming items. Here are some choice images. I am really loving the Plague and Scumwhite shirts. The Death Adder 59/50 is pretty nice as well with the 'adder-skin' underbill.


Weekend Agenda pt 2

Come see the DQM x Trackstar GT-inspired track bikes displayed at two parties. Party's are at Trackstar NYC, so come out! Sat, March 17th 7-10pm Sun, March 18th 12-5pm Booze, crackers, chips, more booze, BMX Bandits, Rad, 80's movies and other such foolish things. Be there, or be square!

Sweet talk

Weekend Agenda! For the very first time in New York we introduce you to SweetTalk- An informal talk about the life and work of some of the leading creatives around today, centering on Design, Photography and Illustration. The featured artists include Dalek, Timothy Saccenti, Brenb, Michael Gilette, Elisabeth Arkiphoff, Glen E Friedman, & Michael C Place from Build. Proudly sponsored by VEER and produced by MeanRed Productions. CANDY, produced in Ireland, is the world’s largest independent free creative magazine. Since starting a year ago they have produced 8 issues which have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times worldwide, programmed 16 creative-to-creative SweetTalk events internationally, curated a major exhibition with Habitat Ireland, partnered with IdN in Hong Kong, Resfest in the UK and Pictoplasma in Germany and more.
Doors 2pm
SOLD OUT Center for Architecture // 536 LaGuardia Place More info at www.candyculture.net