year zero

Not that anymore hype is needed, but... I like hearing Trent angry. Peep their video for Survivalism here From Wikipedia: Year Zero

The upcoming Nine Inch Nails studio album is entitled Year Zero and will be released on April 17, 2007.[50] The first single, entitled "Survivalism", was due for radio airplay on March 6, 2007,[51] but received an early premiere along with other songs from the album on the NIN MySpace page.[52]GarageBand format The song was later released in for remixing.

A viral marketing campaign has emerged to promote the album's concept. Clues from tour t-shirts have led fans to discover websites that describe an "Orwellian picture of the United States circa the year 2022,"[53] and a telephone number that returns a clip of "Survivalism". In addition, the Year Zero song "My Violent Heart" was reportedly found on a thumb drive in the bathroom stall at a NIN show in Lisbon, Portugal (as were other new tracks "Me, I'm Not" and "In This Twilight" at other European concert venues) ahead of their debut on MySpace. This suggests that the band itself covertly distributed the new music. Fan participation in this alternate reality game has caught the attention of the media; MTV News, USA Today, and Rolling Stone have cited fan-site The NIN Hotline, forum Echoing the Sound, fan club The Spiral, and NinWiki as sources for new discoveries.

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