Mishka kills it... and then digs it up and plays with it

Mishka's been killin it for years. Their new Line "Dial M for Motherfucker" is, in my opinion, the epitome of what street-wear should be. These dudes have developed an approach to design, not a gimmick, and they explore all ends of this successfully. When you support Mishka, you support hardcore, hip hop, horror flicks and cult classics. Their clothing is for the kids who were moshing and watching movies like They Live, Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. When you buy Mishka, you support local parties like Trouble and Bass, Cut and Masters of the Universe. This hat, the long-awaited 'screaming skull' New Era 59/50, shows how the mentally unstable the Mishka crew is. From their site: Our Website Exclusive Screaming Skull Cap is printed in a technique called "Bulletproofing". What this means is the fabric is soaked in ink, and then cured creating a "bulletproof" print. On a t-shirt this might be a bad thing, but on a cap with this much detail, the hat becomes bright and vibrant. And although the hat is cotton, the quality, look and feel becomes like leather! Ohh and it's available now, so go cop before the hypebeasts buy them all and put them on ebay.


Anonymous said...

why put out a hat that feelz like leather in the summer?

Prolly said...

Got mine in today and it breathes just like cotton. The printing is similiar to KS' recent hats.

They do fit a bit snug, so get it 1/8 bigger than you normally would!