Cyclists collide

With nice weather comes more cyclists and more accidents related to people not having their "sea legs" yet. Be careful, stay alert and please, for the love of God, don't change your tire in the middle of the Bridge pedestrian path! Last week I witnessed a nasty wreck on the bridge riding home from work. A guy on the Brooklyn side of the bridge had his MTB flipped over [across the 8' wide path] and was changing his wheel. I saw him from around a blind corner and as I was skidding to slow down, someone on a road bike went flying past me [damn free-wheelers] and t-boned the person changing his tire. A collision like that could have easily caused some serious injuries, but luckily the cyclists were both ok [although their bikes were trashed and the roadie was pissed that his carbon fiber fork was cracked]... On a lighter note: here are some more pics from a little ride yesterday.

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