I hate bad drivers

What makes [bad] drivers think that: -Every residential street is a drag strip? I'll be that old man yelling at kids for going 45 down a residential street. Our street in Greenpoint is approx. 30' wide. This leaves enough room for cars to park on either side and one vehicle to pass through down the middle. The clearances are rather tight and the cars are only have about 2' on either side. Essentially, I've been walking back from the bodega and had the right of way when some moron peels around the corner and proceeds to floor it down the narrow street. Does a pedestrian have the right to inflict damage to personal property if they feel their life is in danger? I'd really like to hurl a can of budweiser at them next time. -Cyclists are a threat to their cars, in order to establish dominence, they must run them off the roads or cut them off. What is it about drivers seeing cyclists as a worthy adversary for their road rage? Let's do some basic math; you are in a 2,000lb vehicle and I am on a 15lb bike... I wonder who will win? -Play your radio as loud as you can so that everyone knows your taste in music. In greenpoint, it's usually horrible trance or Polish hip-hop. I still haven't decided what is worse. -Last but not least, what makes drivers think that bike lanes are their own personal parking spaces? When I used to take 2nd avenue home from my office in Chelsea, it was always such a hassle when some moron in his car pulled into the bike lane and put on his hazards so his wife could run into Starbucks. Most importantly, I saw a cop give out a ticket to a pedestrian jaywalking while 3 cars were parked in adjacent bike lanes. When I pointed this out to the officer, he said that the cars weren't endangering lives... end rant. Begin shameless plug for friend: Jameson's just re-launched the Iparkedinabikelane.org website. His aforementioned stickers have been getting a lot of e-press recently [mostly from pissed off drivers] and he feels like his stickers are begininning to raise public awareness about this subject. Hop on over to his site now and have a peek. It's all still in "beta" so he has a lot to work on, but it's a really informative site.

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