Mash SF

Saw the trailor for this back in May at the Bicycle Film Fest. Rockin out with one gear and no brake. From Mash SF.com Mike Martin, best known for his fine art and his commercial photography for clients including Nice Collective, Adidas, Nike, and Microsoft, teams up with Gabe Morford, a highly respected skate-boarding photographer. They take a look at the style of fixed gear riding in San Francisco. This film, modeled after skate and surf videos, brings out the skills and beauty of these SF riders. This will surely be a landmark in an already emerging subculture of urban riders.


Anonymous said...

why do you waste time reposting other people have written? what is the point?

Prolly said...

Maybe I could understand your frustrations if you could use proper sentence structure.

This blog is about what I enjoy. It's a "collective collection" - a collection of things I have collected.

It's rare to find anything that's "original" on the internet, just about everything that is being 'blogged' is from somewhere else...

That being said, why do you waste your time posting period?