Chaotic Beauty

There not much that can be said about the "grotesque" that hasn't already been mulled over with excessive discourse. Yes you can find beauty in it and yes it conjures more intense emotions... A friend of mine sent me this website of a German artist. While I'm not convinced that the words "limited and digital" should be in the same sentence, I am convinced of the shear intensity of this work. From Tim Borgmann's website: Since the mid ninties I have been working mainly as a freelancer in the area of 3D graphics/illustration and animation. Besides my commercial work I spend my time on different personal art projects. While working on art projects, I see image creation as a dialouge between the nascent image and myself. Sometimes the image influendes my work by itself, leads my towards its own direction. Sometimes it's just me, pushing the image into the form I want. Although I tend to be someone who must have total control on every aspect of the creation process, it's very interesting to take a step back and let the image take over some control. Some of the images are available as high resolution limited edition prints. You will find more information under limted edition prints

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