Respect the Architects

So every once and a while, it's interesting to make correlationships between Archtitecture and different creative fields. Architecture has been teamed up with musicians; see The Venice Biennial for Architecture (year 2000), DJ Spooky and Lebbeus Woods (AIA NY 2006) and the lecture led by Christopher Janney at Cooper Union (2005), ect. It's interesting to see how large-scale forms can influence smaller, more intimate forms. ‘Respect the Architects’ is another such pairing in a sense. The following movie interviews Tinker Hatfield in an attempt to pick his brain about his role at Nike and development of the Air Max 1. Hatfield states the Pompidu centre in Paris was a precedent for the studies of the Air Max 1. Images courtesy of SlamXHype and here's a link to the video via lamjc

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