Architecture is set apart from most careers in the "creative" field in a lot of ways. Intervention into the built environ requires many tedious disambiguations if you will. You're essentially building a vessel that contains the moments that will difine individuals and thus, you're creating the "future" tense. Now I'm not trying to talk all high and mighty regarding architects because I generally dislike the professional aspect of the career, I feel like it's watered down with arrogant buisinessmen who are more concerned with the 'appearance of order' rather than a strict process. With architecture, you work on something for a year or more. Completion isn't ethereal and fleeting. What seperates architecture is that it takes months, if not years to complete a construction. Anyway, I spent about a year on this penthouse in Chelsea. For a year, I went to work for 9+ hours a day and created documents to construct a building. We matched materials, studied construction, mediated infrastructure and pleased clients. The drawing set is thick. It sits about an inch off my desk and is heavy with cabinetry drawings, detailed sections and loads of process. After a year, it's paid off. I've not only marked the client's life, but also marked my own in a sense, as my career has begun to move into the dare-not-to-speak-of "professional realm"... Pictures are courtesy of Bret Grabel. If you have an issue with their placement on this blog, please notify me and I will promptly take them off. More pictures to come after the jump.

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