Architecture on Air

Architecture on Air is a new kind of academic lecture series featuring podcast interviews available on the college's website, www.coa.uncc.edu, and iTunes. This unusual format is by design as the series is meant to focus on helping students build a more nuanced and attentive language with which to describe the built environment and their own work (as opposed to fixating on images). Architecture on Air will be available worldwide to our alumni, friends and prospective students. Each 45-minute interview will "launch" at set times throughout the semester with a unique event: for example, "Skateboarding to Architecture" will upload with a student skateboarding exhibition in the salon. Downloadable files will archive on the website and include interviewee biographies and links. Architecture on Air builds on feedback from CoA students and enlists their help formulating interview questions. The series covers architecture, history, theory, industrial design, urbanism, allied professions, social discourse and the role of architects in contemporary culture. Add it to your iTunes podcast list here.

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