A little catch-up - Back to NC

After numerous trips to Baltimore with Amanda, we finally decided to fly to North Carolina to see my family. With Tropical Storm Ernesto lingering around, we were worried that our flight would be cancelled. Luckily for us, we were able to get on the last flight outta LGA. We arrived in Raleigh and hung out with Jed for the evening.
My mom picked us up the following morning and drove us back to Wilmington. It was crappy weather for the first day, but bright and sunny the rest of the weekend. With temperatures in the 90ºs, we were happy to be able to soak up some sun.
Although it wasn't a great weekend for Michael, we still hung out with Jordan a fair share. He picked us up from downtown a few nights and zipped us home in his 2001 type-R Acura. That car is a beast. Never been in such a nice ride and it's fast [I won't go into details].
Jed, Robby and Ryan made it down and we all went to Bluepost and hung out. It reminded me of what Wilmington was like before I moved to Brooklyn.
We ate dinner with the fam the last night we were there. It was a great time. Here are some pics, a little after the jump!

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