New SB Releases

So, Nike's moved back to their simple colourways for the standard Dunk SB releases. This is evident in the next two dunks to be released. The newer SB's are not only narrower, but have had a pretty shotty construction as well. These next few dunks are said to have the highest quality suede that Nike has ever put on a dunk. They're also rumored to be using a new factory which will focus on defining the craft that's made Nike a sneaker legend. The Mork and Mindy's are the epitome of a premium dunk high in my opinion and the SBTG's still have the best materials as well. If Nike would step their game up on the rest of their SB's, it'd be beneficial for their Skateboarding line because right now, spening $100 on premium SBs that feel shitty isn't helping them out at all. The Here are the next colourways. The Grey and Purple dunk [i'm nicknaming the Ugly Dunkling] resembles the Jeff Staple Pigeon dunk but with Purple in place of the Red and no embroidery. The leather on the Grey and Blue dunk is supposed to be buttery soft. Not a bad cop afterall.

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