Bash Guard

Ben's Cycle has produced a bash guard, called the Crusher! for your expensive chain rings. Check this beast out!
  • Designed specifically around the Sugino 75 crankarm & 44t Sugino 75 chainring.
  • With 44t Chainring - the circular windows in the guard face align with chain pins.
  • It also offers protection with 45 and 46t chainrings (chain pins will not be aligned with circle cut-outs as 44t).
  • Guard interlocks with chainring bolt counter-sink making chainring & guard act like one for greater strength.
  • 6.5mm Thick.
  • Tough 2024 T6 Aluminum.
  • Hard anodized finish (Each piece will vary slightly in color, giving each guard a truly individual look).
  • 144 BCD.
  • Extra-long black steel chainring bolts & nuts included.
  • MBC designed & USA machined.
  • Guard Weight: 210g.
  • Gear/inch - 44t/15=79.2", 44/16=74.2", 44/17=69.9", 44/18=66.0

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