Marinoni x Adidas Auction

A while back I posted a custom Marinoni that Breadwinner worked on with Adidas. Well now that bike is up for auction on eBay. All proceeds go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. More below. August 1, 2007 marked Adidas Original’s introduction to Montreal. To celebrate this, Marinoni - one of North America’s most heralded bicycle builders - was asked to create a custom bike that captured the essence of Adidas’s rich heritage and history in sports. Working with designers from Breadwinner Creative, Marinoni dreamt up this beautiful, one-of-a-kind track bike full of go-fast goodies that ooze style. This is the only bike of its kind worldwide. Being deeply involved in athletics, community and charity, both Marinoni and adidas agreed to auction the bike off for a good cause. All proceeds of the winning bid, will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. MS affects many Canadians especially young adults and every day, three more people are diagnosed with this disease. Marinoni and adidas are committed in supporting the on-going research needed to better understand and combat MS which affects young adults worldwide.


JMC said...

Finally...a useful piece of information from a random blog. I was on Bike Snob NYC's site and saw a link to this site, somehow related to making fun of fixed gear track stands, etc (gotta admit, that guy is funny and makes fun of my little road cycling sub-demographic as much as he does fixies).

Anyway, I love dubstep and was turned on to Benga by this site...can't wait for his next release. I'd definitely recommend Benga to anyone into dub of any kind, (Kode 9, Burial, etc.)

Prolly said...


Yeah, I actually really enjoy bike snob's posts. Thanks for the kind words.

If you live in the Northeast, Rusko is playing april 27th here in NYC at Love. Rusko's got some bangin tracks and it'll be a good time.

Regardless, shoot me an email... I'll send you a nice motherload of white label dubplate shit.