Mishka store stocked

Mishka has opened their online store with their fall line locked and loaded. Most of the New Eras are gone but hoodies, varisty jackets, shorts and shirts are still lingering. Head over and cop now! Go to "collections"


Between the Buried and Me's live cover of Queen's "Bicycle Race"

Apparat "walls"

My absolute favorite producer has a new album entitled "Walls" releasing on the 15th of May. Like most new music today, the album has leaked. I've got a copy and it is the most amazing composition produced by Sascha to this date. Be on the look out May 15th for Apparat "Walls" - I'm sure he'll change bits of the album like he and Ellen Allien did for "Orchestra of Bubbles". Buy this album!

Way to go NY Times

The NYtimes ran an article in the City section of yesterday's paper on Track Bikes and Fixed Gears. It was only a matter of time I suppose. All in all, I think the article does a good job at introducing their audience to track bike culture in NYC as it is now. The Times fail horribly at giving any background whatsoever as to why and how the fixed scene has been building momentum over the past few years. Gina, owner of King Kog was featured in this online gallery as well... Regardless, give it a read!


Mad Suspect birthday pics!

Shark Originally uploaded by John Prolly.
Pics from Mad Suspect's one year anniversary party and JB's house warming are up on my Flickr set. I've never seen Savalas that packed. The Captain and Drop the Lime were droppin some heavy hitters with Shark on the hype mic. White label grime and dubstep filled the air as people threw down Brooklyn style!


Skeleton Biker

The Necronomicon

BEAUTIFUL day today. Nice breeze and tolerable temperatures. Necro's up and running. Such an awesome ride. Glad I finally tracked down one of these frames...


Lightning Bolt tonight

It's been a while since I've seen Lightning Bolt. The Rhode Island duo is landing at Studio B tonight. Get your tickets now because this will sell out!


Dirty Dizown Mixtape vol 1

The Captain posted the first of many [?] Dirty Down Mixes on his blog. Download it here. Looks like a lotta heavy hittin bangers! *This is the best Mix to date by the Captain and worth checking out. Listened to it on the way to work this morning on my bike. Had me flying!

IParkedinaBikeLane.org update

IPIABL now has a Myspace account. Feel free to add them as a friend! Roll Resistance!

Gulf Urbanism

OMA to publish study of Gulf urbanism

Office for Metropolitan Architecture has announced details of a new publication that will present research into the growth of new urban centres in the Gulf.

Called Al Manakh - Arabic for “climate” - the publication will be launched by Rem Koolhaas at the International Design Forum in Dubai next month.

The publication will build on the research prepared for The Gulf, the exhibition presented by OMA at the Venice Architecture Biennale last year.

More info on Al Manakh on dezeen’s blog for the International Design Forum.

Below is a statement from OMA:

Rem Koolhaas and Reinier de Graaf, directors of AMO, would kindly like to draw your attention to the International Design Forum, Dubai, 27-29 May 2007.

This forum will present research carried out by AMO over the last two years on the developments of the Gulf cities in “Al Manakh”. A joint publication has been produced in association with Moutamarat and Archis for the occasion of the International Design Forum.

This comprehensive study offers an in-depth look at the urban development and transformation of six States on the Gulf – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Historical, cultural as well as journalistic observations are also taken into account in the analysis. “Al Manakh” will be available at the International Design Forum as well as at bookstores and newstands throughout Europe and North America.

Both Rem Koolhaas and Reinier de Graaf will be commenting on this project at the Forum and encourage your participation. This is the first time that the international design community has engaged in an in depth discussion on the Gulf, therefore making this event an exciting opportunity to exchange views and ideas.


Frank Ski V103 Mix from 1991

Dope shit in case you haven't heard it. Link's here. Frank Ski V103 Mix from 1991 - (Old Baltimore Club/House) Original information can be found on DeezNotes.


Random Randomness

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Major Battles for Cyclists...

I already posted this on Myspace, but the blog reaches a broader audience. So as I'm heading home today from work down Grand street, I turned on Allen. As usual, the light on Broome was red [which it always is] so I look left for oncoming traffic [Broome's a one way - west to east] and seeing no cars, I pass through. Immediately, I hear screeching tires to look and see an NYPD patrol car skidding to stop. This asshole was traveling way over the speed limit down the WRONG way on a street with no sirens or headlights on. He then "bleeped" me telling me to get off my bike and threatened to write me a ticket for not stopping at a red light. This was undoubtedly his reaction for looking like an asshole and a direct representation of an abuse of power. He not only almost killed me, but then he began to belittle me over his loud speaker. After a brief discussion and several witnesses coming to my defence, the cop let me off. I explained to him that everyday I head down Allen to cut across to Delancey because of a lack of Bike Lanes and the hazardous condition of Delancey. I also told him that regardless to my yielding at a red light and not stopping completely that if he would have hit me, or even grazed my tires, I woulda had a strong enough case to get his ass kicked off the force and more than enough money to cover my personal loss... Which brings me to my point, Transalt is having a hearing this Thursday in order to gain public support and thwart public upheaval for a proposal for more bike lanes. If you live in NYC and like to ride your bike, hit up this hearing. One more voice is all we need! Peep the information here http://www.transalt.org/ Also in the works is Bloombergs proposal for a $8 per car, $21 per truck congestion fee. This applies to ALL vehicles that travel below 86th st between the hours of 6am and 6pm. "Advocates said it's crucial for a city that's expected to add another million people in the next 20 years." Amazing. It seems that NYC will be setting the groundwork for a more cyclist / pedestrian friendly city after all!

Bring on the Summer Jams

The Captain of Dirtydown / Cut / Masters Of the Universe and Thug Wizzadry has remixed a cut from Spanish Dancer. Check out his Myspace to download the tracks here and be on the lookout for a GOLD 12" being pressed shortly. Be on the lookout for the HUSTLER plate this Spring! "A juggling act of inhaling smoke and fogging up mirrors if I've ever seen one. When asked about his sound, Spanish stares at me blankly and procedes to enthuse the G.I.S.M Unlawful Hardcore VHS for 30 minutes and discuss how "The crowd outside that Venom show at Studio 54 looked more like Magnetic Fields fans". Ok. For all my money's worth Spanish Dancer sound like an italo disco freakout if Timbaland were at the production wheel wearing rhinestone studded gloves emulating Material Girl. His mammoth HUSTLER 12" single sounds like a hailstorm of non-plutonic needles poking it's way out of the American Underground into the blinding lights of the universe's surface. I can't tell if it sounds like Sean Paul or Suicide or both or neither. Forget reinventing the wheel, Spanish Dancer is reinventing the fucking hook." Eddie Caputo "A greasy, disco-fied duck: Public Image Ltd. meets George Michael with a smattering of Superfly-era Curtis Mayfield . . . Or Marc Bolan as seen through the eyes of Robbie Williams. " The Providence Phoenix HUSTLER 12" single will be released by Luminal Worldwide this Spring. CONTACT SPANISH DANCER VIA EMAIL: SHEIKMULLANE@GMAIL.COM

The Number 26


= 2 x 13

= 5 + 6 + 7 + 8

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Precipitevolissimevolmente with 26 letters is the longest word in the Italian language. It means `as fast as possible'.

December 26 is Boxing Day (except when December 26 is a Sunday).

This net makes an unusual solid with 26 faces and 24 corners. Can you imagine what it looks like?


77 degrees

77 degrees
Originally uploaded by John Prolly.
Weekend ride. Beautiful weather and great friends made one hell of a birthday weekend. Tomorrow, I'm in Lucky Studio working on a model all day. Thanks to everyone who came out!


Cadence pt. 2

Shit just keeps getting crazier and crazier in the track bike scene.

Roll Bounce WHAT?

VIA worshipworthy As we found out a few weeks ago, Brooklyn’s Empire Roller Skating Center will be officially closing its doors this Monday, April 23rd. Saturday is your last chance to get your bounce on in the house where roller disco was born. In 1935, what was originally a stable to the vicinity’s Ebbets Field and New York Police Department opened its doors as the Brooklyn Roller Rink. By the late 70’s under this roof, New York gave birth roller disco. Bill Butler had all eyes on him, becoming a legend as he skated through originating the “Roll Bounce” and will forever be known as the “Godfather of Roller Disco”. Since then the 30,000 square foot building has been the location for one of Lil Kim’s videos and Bow Wow’s movie of the same name of Butler’s signature move. The debate, however, upon hearing word of the closing of the skating center is not only the end to one of Brooklyn’s oldest landmarks but the demolition of one of the area’s largest recreation centers. A rally was held by Project Empire last month to protest the closing of the Empire Roller Skating Rink. Protesters gathered to voice their pain and anger towards the close and conversion to a storage facility but despite this, the conversion is a done deal. Get your last skate session in at this legendary roller rink. This Saturday, April 21st skating starts at 11pm-8am the next morning.

Pick it up...

... well, you will be picking your jaw up off the ground in a few seconds. P+R Arquitectos' PR House is simply beautiful. With references to Scarpa, Corb and OMA, the house elegantly assumes the role of a 'proper' modern construction. Simply beautiful. The land around the building rises and falls, dotted here and there with trees. The house is located at the edge of a plain and is accessed by climbing the slope of a private drive. This arrangement satisfied the different experiences and sensibilities of two clients....

CCTV update

A long long time ago, I posted an animation of OMA's CCTV building in Beijing. All scoffing and cynicism aside, the building's under construction now. Thanks to Skyscrapercity.com, we've got some process shots. Truly amazing indeed.

Reload | Kaws

RE:load bags hail from Philly and San Fran and are known for doing some really insane custom bags out of Cordora. This bag is no exception... Kaws teamed up with RE:load to produce a pretty sick messenger bag. Peep it here.


Revision Cloud

An image that's just surfaced in the Architecture geek world. Typically, when a set of construction documents have been produced for a building, items change. When there is a change, you add a 'revision cloud' around the area that has been revised and you mark it with a date and a number. Clearly some contractor took this revision cloud as a hole in the slab of this job and used a slab-bore to drill holes in this slab on grade. A lot of websites have the picture inverted so that it looks like a hole in a floor above. If this were the case, you'd see the decking and rebar. Because it's a slab on grade, you can see the sand that the slab sits on. Also, the lines that appear to be shadows are simply moisture in the lower part of the slab. I'd hate to see be on a walk-through and come across this!


iConcertCal : Created by two Seattle-based engineers, iConcertCal is a program that scans websites such as JamBase and Tourfilter for show dates, matches them up against one's iTunes artists, and ultimately creates a custom concert calendar. Updated weekly, iConcertCal also gives users links for ticket purchasing and venues so that they're ready to click the second tickets go on sale. As live experiences become more coveted (and harder to secure tickets for), this program is becoming a must-have for music fans.

The Gate

One of the movies that single-handedly kept me away from the edge of the bed and the closets of my house growing up has been released on DVD [as of 2003]. The Gate's one of the classic horror movies of the late 80's. For $7 at Amazon, it's a steal too. The most epic Metal reference as well as referenced from the Necronomicon Files: "Terry listens to a metal band called Sacrifyx, and believes that their album The Dark Book explains what the hole in Glen's yard really is; a gateway to the infernal domain of the "Old Gods" which was long ago sealed up and forgotten. Lyrics from the album warn "...when all was darkness and chaos, the Old Gods, the forgotten gods, ruled the darkness...there is ...a Gate behind which the demons wait for the chance to take back what is theirs." The front of the album is illustrated with a picture of a creature with glowing eyes and long claws climbing up from a dark pit. The album cover for The Dark Book is itself a book, and opens up to reveal the pages of a grimoire inside. The pages are illustrated with drawings of monstrous creatures and quasi-magickal symbols - the keen-eyed viewer will notice that one of them is the Masonic seal. Terry explains to Glen that the band Sacrifyx came from Europe and used a real grimoire called The Dark Book, "the Bible for demons" as inspiration for their music. They only produced one album before they all died in a plane crash. "The lyrics in the album tell you how to summon the demons. Now there's this certain time when the constellations are aligned when you can open the Gate and let the Old Gods - those are the demons - come through. Well I checked and it's like now!""


Beautiful #4 - Blockclock

Turntablelab has stocked one of my favorite items from last year's ICFF, the Wood LED Clock. When the clock is turned off, it appears to be a block of wood but when you turn it on, the LED lights shine through the thin Veneer. Beautiful in its simplicity.


Delta interview

Dailymotion interviewed my favorite artist, Delta. I've been a fan of his for years. His geometric constructs are intricate and dynamic enough to have influenced my perception of spacial interpretations. Peep the video here! The interview was shot at the Alice gallery in Brussels. Some key pieces are also shown below along with his toys for Radar!


Speaking of Dark Throne...

Here's my new Dark Throne... Gettin the cranks, seatpost, bars and stem powdercoated this week and it should be up and running by the weekend. So Stoked.

Masters of the Universe

Cut, Trouble and Bass, The Royal Magazine and Mishka present...


Uniqlo redux

Uniqlo UT's new site is pretty bad ass and worth some recognition. Peep it here.


Originally uploaded by John Prolly.
Some pics that I took at the UNTITLED gallery opening tonight are up on my flickr set.



Purple and Orange

... are my two favorite colors and also make one sick colorway. I usually avoid Supreme and all the hype associated with that shop, but these were a must have.



two step it

Mad Decent's most recent acquisition, Blaqstarr has been getting a lot of attention recently. He's bringing the gutter back to Bmore Club. A lot of Mcs / Djs have caught onto the whole Baltimore Club scene, but in the end lose some of the intensity that this genre possesses as a response to contextual influences. Check this video that has surfaced on the 'net recently.




Not that I didn't know about all of this, but for those looking for an insight into your neighborhood, check out VBS.tv's 1 of 6 episodes into the toxicity of Brooklyn's [and the US'] 'hippest' hood. Greenpoint and Williamsburg were the two industrial hubs of New York City and recently have also become the most popular spot to live in because of the proximity to Manhattan and the young, hip attitude most of the residents posses. VBS.tv has a new video up documenting the 'boom' [no pun intended] of the real-estate market within an essentially toxic wasteland. Peep it HERE

RIP Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt 9.09.1928 - 4.08.2007


Gentei Spring Summer '07

So we just got in from our trip to Baltimore this weekend and besides the nasty weather, we had a pretty rad time. Saturday we swung by Gentei [still, to this date, my favorite shop in the US] and took a look at their new Spring / Summer shop design. The dude's at Gentei fabricated a black melamine miniramp with rye grass in the middle. Lining the ramp were a series of rare and limited Japanese raw denim jeans, lowrider shirts and other fresh apparal. Along with a new stock of Kieran frames, they also have a ton of custom powdercoated components, saddles, messenger bags and kicks! Amanda got my most coveted pair of Air Max's; the Clerks release and a shirt by the Japanese cut and sew line Galaxxxy. To make up for it though, I got a 1 of 1 SAG messenger bag sample. They sold out of their first US shipment ever and all they were able to hold for me was their sample. I'll let the pictures do the talking...