Bring on the Summer Jams

The Captain of Dirtydown / Cut / Masters Of the Universe and Thug Wizzadry has remixed a cut from Spanish Dancer. Check out his Myspace to download the tracks here and be on the lookout for a GOLD 12" being pressed shortly. Be on the lookout for the HUSTLER plate this Spring! "A juggling act of inhaling smoke and fogging up mirrors if I've ever seen one. When asked about his sound, Spanish stares at me blankly and procedes to enthuse the G.I.S.M Unlawful Hardcore VHS for 30 minutes and discuss how "The crowd outside that Venom show at Studio 54 looked more like Magnetic Fields fans". Ok. For all my money's worth Spanish Dancer sound like an italo disco freakout if Timbaland were at the production wheel wearing rhinestone studded gloves emulating Material Girl. His mammoth HUSTLER 12" single sounds like a hailstorm of non-plutonic needles poking it's way out of the American Underground into the blinding lights of the universe's surface. I can't tell if it sounds like Sean Paul or Suicide or both or neither. Forget reinventing the wheel, Spanish Dancer is reinventing the fucking hook." Eddie Caputo "A greasy, disco-fied duck: Public Image Ltd. meets George Michael with a smattering of Superfly-era Curtis Mayfield . . . Or Marc Bolan as seen through the eyes of Robbie Williams. " The Providence Phoenix HUSTLER 12" single will be released by Luminal Worldwide this Spring. CONTACT SPANISH DANCER VIA EMAIL: SHEIKMULLANE@GMAIL.COM

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