Major Battles for Cyclists...

I already posted this on Myspace, but the blog reaches a broader audience. So as I'm heading home today from work down Grand street, I turned on Allen. As usual, the light on Broome was red [which it always is] so I look left for oncoming traffic [Broome's a one way - west to east] and seeing no cars, I pass through. Immediately, I hear screeching tires to look and see an NYPD patrol car skidding to stop. This asshole was traveling way over the speed limit down the WRONG way on a street with no sirens or headlights on. He then "bleeped" me telling me to get off my bike and threatened to write me a ticket for not stopping at a red light. This was undoubtedly his reaction for looking like an asshole and a direct representation of an abuse of power. He not only almost killed me, but then he began to belittle me over his loud speaker. After a brief discussion and several witnesses coming to my defence, the cop let me off. I explained to him that everyday I head down Allen to cut across to Delancey because of a lack of Bike Lanes and the hazardous condition of Delancey. I also told him that regardless to my yielding at a red light and not stopping completely that if he would have hit me, or even grazed my tires, I woulda had a strong enough case to get his ass kicked off the force and more than enough money to cover my personal loss... Which brings me to my point, Transalt is having a hearing this Thursday in order to gain public support and thwart public upheaval for a proposal for more bike lanes. If you live in NYC and like to ride your bike, hit up this hearing. One more voice is all we need! Peep the information here http://www.transalt.org/ Also in the works is Bloombergs proposal for a $8 per car, $21 per truck congestion fee. This applies to ALL vehicles that travel below 86th st between the hours of 6am and 6pm. "Advocates said it's crucial for a city that's expected to add another million people in the next 20 years." Amazing. It seems that NYC will be setting the groundwork for a more cyclist / pedestrian friendly city after all!

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