This past weekend.

Friday Night: You can always tell you've had an epic weekend when you're sore. I swear, my shins, back, arms and thighs are all killing me today. In the Afternoon, Amanda's Stingray came in the mail and I think it was a pretty good surprise present. We're gonna strip it down and pip it out. Her new Steez Ray should be rollin soon! Friday night Johnny B and I went to see the Books at Northsix and I honestly have to say that I was really impressed with their performance. There aren't many bands who can create such melodic and ambient music and still capture the audience's undivided attention with constant audio / visual stimuli. After the show, Amanda met up with us and we headed to Royal Oak and then Barcade. Overall a relatively relaxing evening up until that point. Amanda and I returned to her house slightly buzzed to crawl into bed when we both heard this girl screaming. I look in the street and these black dude is straight hitting this chick and this Puerto Rican kid is stealin her wallet. They took off down the street. I ran outta Amanda's house and chased after them, caught the Puerto Rican kid, got him in a headlock, kneed the hell outta him a few times and kept askin where his boy was. The kid about crapped in his drawers. He screamed "Run man run" into the subway pit. So I pushed him down the stairs, ran into the subway and his buddy had the girls cash tryin to get an MTA card, I ran up and closelined the punk and got a hit in before his friend grabbed me and allowed the punk ass to run away. I took off after him but in my buzzed state couldn't run the 4.40 that this kid was runnin down Metropolitan. All these kids watched and NO ONE did ANYTHING. Got the cops, searched the hood but to no avail. At least they wont be going on Jackson street anymore. I hope that dude is pissing blood today cuz I know I got his kidney good with my knee a few times.... Saturday: Saturday night was the straw that broke the camel's back. We got TANKED. Allison at the Wreck Room hooked us up with shots of Jameson. Pete, Trev, John, Amanda and I were trashed. Pete dried to acid drop outta the wreck room door on Trevor's board, Amanda tried riding Trevor's bike, I bused my ass on the way home on the board... Overall, we're all a little sore. Sunday: Lazy day. Real lazy day. We picked up the Schwinn Stingray from my office and took it back to the 'Wick to get stripped and painted. We all shaved our hair and just lamped around. That night, at 10:30 the gods of metal descended upon Brooklyn. The long awaited return of Lightning Bolt was the highlight of the evening. They rocked out. Hard and Loud. Here's pictures....

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