iConcertCal : Created by two Seattle-based engineers, iConcertCal is a program that scans websites such as JamBase and Tourfilter for show dates, matches them up against one's iTunes artists, and ultimately creates a custom concert calendar. Updated weekly, iConcertCal also gives users links for ticket purchasing and venues so that they're ready to click the second tickets go on sale. As live experiences become more coveted (and harder to secure tickets for), this program is becoming a must-have for music fans.


brian said...

If you like iConcertCal, sure to check out Eventful.com's instant importing tool for not only iTunes but also Last.fm.

It's a tool that lets you not only track your favorite artists and know when they're coming to town, click links to go buy tickets, tell your friends which events you're going to or thinking of going to, but also, it lets you "demand" that your favorite artists come to town -- a tool that tens of thousands of artists are using to connect with their fans and know where to perform live.

Eventful offers rich RSS/Atom/iCalendar feeds of everything, even including searches, which you can subscribe to to track literally anything you might be interested in.

Prolly said...