Dear Velo

Cash and Carry

Mishka is having a sample sale! Sale Details Are As Follow, Please Read! For $350, the first 20 people in line Friday, Saturday, & Sunday* can fill up a Duffel Bag with as much of Anything you can fit inside of it with the zipper still closing comfortably. New Eras will be behind the counter and must be requested to prevent any damage stuffing them into a bag may cause them. *While Supplies Last If you are not one of the 20 people you can choose to shop with either of the two following options for the rest of the day… 1. $200 Duffel Bag Stuff* $200 gets you a Duffel Bag which you can fill with the zipper closing comfortably with the following restrictions: - Limit of 1 New Era, 1 Jacket and 1 pair of Denim per duffel. - 1 per customer, per day! - Value of entire Duffel cannot exceed $500 total based on sample sale prices. *While Supplies Last 2. Per Individual Item Expect savings up to 50% - 85% off current collections as well as an assortment of samples from Spring/Summer/Fall 08 Collections. $15 T-Shirts, $25 Hoodies & Crewnecks, $25 New Eras, $40 Sweaters & Cardigans, $60 Jackets, $25 Bags, $45 Denim & $40 Shorts. NEW ITEMS WILL BE BROUGHT OUT EACH & EVERY DAY!!! CASH ONLY!!! But the savings don’t end with just us! As Yoko Devereux is having a sample sale of their own just a few doors down! $20 - $100 including printed t-shirts, jersey cardigans and polos as well as skinny twill pants. Plus 75% off all Fall/Winter 2007 sale items And once your done shopping head over across the street to Trophy Bar for $2 beers and $4 Margaritas! And when you’re good and drunk and feeling a bit hungry just head on down the block to Moto for brunch or dinner! 350 Broadway J/M/Z Trains to Marcy G Train to Broadway Fri / Sat, 12 - 8 Sun, 12 - 6


Bootlegged Peel Sessions FRIDAY!

full size flier here This weekend pops off proper tonight with the Bicycle Film Fest's party entitled Bikes Rock! at Studio B Then Tomorrow night is the Dear Velo art show! ...and Friday night is the beginning of the Film Festival! Also on Friday is the Bootlegged Peel Sessions contest. Here's a Gmap for you out-of-towners. 9pm SHARP! Sponsors Include [but are not limited to]: RED BULL! Profile Racing Bootleg Sessions [FREE BLS 2 DVDS!] Urban Velo Dave's Quality Meat Mishka Affinity Cycles Laek House Superflot Milwaukee Cycles Continuum Cycles Also DON'T FORGET to catch the World Premier of Bootleg Sessions 2 at the Afterparty Saturday!

Profile Fixed launched!

Christian at Profile just shot me an email alerting me that the new Profile Fixed website has launched! Head on over and buy some of these tough as nails hubs! I've been riding the hell out of mine and they've held up wonderfully!

Michael Green Got His Swagger Back!

... well his Orange KHS anyway! Read below via Bike Blog: edit: I just realized how long this is, so I'll just link the original story!!


Fergadelic invades I Heart

London-based artist, Fergadelic is back with his label Tonite. Pick up t-shirts and this cycling cap right now at I Heart. Look out for his in-store art installation soon!


Blanka has a massive collection of posters on their site and this one in particular caught my eye.


Finished my fork! Thanks guys! They had to make me a custom fork for my long head tube. It took a bit, but it was well worth it! I've already added barspins to my trick arsenal! Lemme tell ya, the first time you try a one-handed wheelie to barspin, be prepared to bail!

Tokyo's Trixx Fix

I have to say that one day when I roll through Japan with my track bike, I hope to ride with the Jan and 3Bancho guys. After all the pretentious shit-talking American fixed gear riders give on the internet, I've never heard Kyoichi or any of the other guys talk negatively about this new sport. Maybe they're more mature, or maybe that's the unfortunate by-product of the internet. Regardless, after all is said and done, they enjoy riding and riding hard. Cog Magazine has a new article on these dudes in their 3rd issue. Read it here! Cog has once again released a killer issue filled with interesting tidbits and bad-ass pictures. But I read it for the articles! Big ups guys! I shoulda named my "360" spin after a gummy candy... Maybe I'll call it a Twizzler!

PSFK Snapshot: San Francisco

Trends publisher PSFK recently released a Snapshot report on some of the most innovative ideas at the forefront of culture in the Bay area. PSFK traveled there to explore the region and "talk with tastemakers, opinion leaders and new businesses to better understand the cultural, consumer and business trends impacting this hotspot." The cover shows a sun-drenched image of a cyclist proudly holding up a fixed-gear bike, a true sign of the times. - Available at Blurb

Brown Bagging Is Back

Brown Bagging Is Back Originally uploaded by Nick James
Warm weather is HERE!

Schwipe Jukebox Varsity

A while back we posted about Australian brand Schwipe's new line called "the Original Party Animal". Since then the line's been dropping at retailers worldwide. One piece that seems to stand out from the rest is their new Jukebox Varsity. Check out the pics below. Too bad it'll be over 90 degrees in a few weeks here!


Jeff Koons On the Roof

On view right now at the Met rooftop garden are three sculptures by renowned pop artist Jeff Koons that are on exhibit for the first time. Set against a stunning backdrop of the Manhattan skyline and Central Park, the sculptures are oversized, glossy, stainless steel representations of something small. There is a balloon dog, a red foil Valentine heart, and a silhouette of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. I hope to check out the exhibit right at sunset one day, but any time would be worth the visit I'm sure!

Dubstep Allstars 6


Laurie "Appleblim" Osborne is a well-known name on the international dubstep circuit, but he's kept so busy running his Skull Disco imprint alongside Shackleton, helping out around the Tempa office, and working in the studio with other producers, he's only just gotten around to making his first mix CD.

Appropriately, it won't be just any set of tracks, but the sixth installment of Tempa's famed Dubstep Allstars series, which has previously seen N-Type, Skream, Youngsta, Hatcha, and others at the mixing board. The disc will feature a selection of classic tracks as well as new cuts from the likes of Skream, Pinch, 2562, Peverelist, and others, and hits stores on June 2.

Tracklisting 1. Peverelist "Gather" 2. Peverelist & Appleblim "Circling" 3. Pinch feat. Yolanda "Get Up" 4. 2562 "Moog Dub" 5. Martyn "Suburbia" 6. Jus Wan "Action Potential" 7. 2562 "Morvern Dub" 8. TRG & Selector Dub U "Harajuku" 9. Peverelist "Infinity Is Now" 10. Skream "Percression" 11. RSD "Pretty Bright Light" 12. Mungo's Hi Fi "Babylon" 13. Komonazmuk "Bad Apple" 14. Komonazmuk & Gatekeeper "Cheeky Herbert" 15. TRG "Decisions" 16. TRG "Put U Down "Ramadanman Remix" 17. TRG "Broken Hearts "Martyn Remix" 18. Geiom feat. Marita "Reminissin' Dubplate Version (Berkane Sol / Dub)"

Soulja Girl

More from Japan

Here's another video from Kyoichi's blog on Afromania. Chainring grinds, rock walks and fakies coming at ya! Love the vanity shots of the bike in the beginning. Hmmm... looks familiar.

Happy 125th!

The Brooklyn Bridge celebrated its 125th birthday tonight... not much else to say about it, but I think this pic from Amazing Jane's Flickr takes the cake.

World Out Video

Great video from 100% Hardcore's blog on Afromania.org. The competition went down in Osaka in what looks like a parking deck. I fucking love the way the Japanese have hooked their bikes up. Massive BMX Bars and long stems. Big ups to these kids for having a blast!
WO m TH from TRACKUMA on Vimeo.


Burial "Raver"

Once again, the anonymous producer out of London has created another video for a track off of Untrue. Raver is my favorite track off the album and I usually listen to it when I'm riding at night. Really simple and atmospheric with a throwback Garage beat. If you haven't listened to this album, you can do so on Burial's Last.fm profile.


New Rumble V Flier

HOLY SHIT. Pre-register!

Peel Update!

We got sponsors! List is growing! RED BULL! Profile Racing Bootleg Sessions [FREE BLS 2 DVDS!] Dave's Quality Meat Mishka Affinity Cycles Laek House Superflot Milwaukee Cycles! [more in the works] $3 entry... CASH prizes. Prizes for 1st girl, "New Jack" and 1-3 overall... Also a few freebies like last time. Afterparty to be coordinated with the BFF afterparty and a group ride from the first screening Friday night will be in order. oh and... did I say cash prizes? the way the scoring will be structured is as follows: -points system for overall events goes to standings -each event's winner will receive points -at the end of the events, the people with the most points will be 1st-3rd places. -you fast kids could feasibly win sprints, footdown and "prolly says" and place in the top 3 -you trick kids could win freestyle and lose the rest and get jack! -We're also having a "new jack" category for freestyle! Which will be judged by the top 3 "jackass" winners -and as always, separate but equal prizes for the ladies [small shirts, small hoodies, and cash] -Sprints [will be weighed more than other events] -Skids [not sure which type yet - short stop was fun, but took forever last time] -Freestyle [1 minute to impress the judges and the crowd!] -Pogo-off [who can hold it the longest?] -Prolly Says ["prolly says, lift your right foot up"] -Bunnyhop [get up there] -Footdown ['nuff said] -Cardboard skids [for fun!]

Rumble through the Bronx 4 Teaser!

Get ready! This weekend's Rumble through the Bronx! Michael Green has released the Ruble 4 teaser just in time for RUMBLE 5! Bangin soundtrack too. DUBPLATE ONLY! Rumble 4 from Michael Green on Vimeo.


bikes bikes bikes

Next weekend will be awesome. The Bicycle Film Festival pops off for the 4th year in a row in NYC and continues all weekend! Check out the NYC schedule here. Immediately after the first screening on Friday, May 30th, we've got another Peel Sessions competition and THEN Trackstar's hosting the TrackoRama on Saturday immediately after the Bridge Battle 4!

Sam Miller

KILLIN IT! Bootleg Sessions 2!
Sam Miller Curved Wall Ride "Bootleg Sessions v.2" from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.


Cynthia Rowley Bicycles

For the ladies: one of a kind beach cruisers designed exclusively for the Spring 2008 runway show. Now available here. edit: It seems that the mechanic was so mesmerized by the models that he assembled the bike with the fork backwards.

While we were away...

Amanda and I went to our friend's wedding in NC this weekend and while we were away, our friends watched Pixel. This video was shot at 7am when Jameson had just come home from the bar... and the battle continued on to the next morning!


Bridge Battle 4

That's right. The 4th annual Bridge Battle! Be there!

Dave Miller Bike Toss



Bootleg / Peel Sessions Contest May 30th!

BE THERE! FRIDAY MAY 30TH 9pm Meeker at Jackson sponsored events prizes Footdown Skids Sprints Freestyle “Prolly Says” Freestyle event will be broken into two groups: ‘new jacks’ and ‘jackasses’ working on the sponsors, expect a small entrance fee - like $3… Come After the first screening of the Bicycle Film Festival on Friday! Afterparty TBD


It's Still Fun to do Hoodrat Stuff

Not only did Latarian wanna do hoodrat stuff he also wanted some chicken wings! So bad in fact that when he gramma denied him of said poultry, he assaulted her. Now he's been taken away from her and is under psychiatric care! Video via WPBTV

Richard Kern Mishka Capsule Collection

The Richard Kern Capsule Collection by Mishka drops like these girl's panties SOON. Head over to the Pop Up shop on Nth5th and Bedford this weekend to cop! Or head over here and hit refresh constantly until they show up on the online store! Buy em all! Models not included. Although, you could probably buy their panties somewhere... To see more NSFW action, head over to Staggstreet and peer through the lens of Ellen Stagg's camera. Ellen took the pictures for the Kern collection lookbook and has been featured in Mass Appeal, Life, Vice and other publications. Staggstreet is Ellen's sidework that focuses mostly on, well... naked people.

Muto by BLU

Probably the most impressive piece of "streetart" I've seen in a while. Blu painted this project on public walls in the streets of Buenos Aires. Very impressive. MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

What the F*** are You Doing?



Hungarian Pro-Bike PSA

Helluva mustache there dude!

... and now for something completely different

Bootleg Sessions 2

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Pre order HERE! Bootleg Sessions 2! "Bootleg Sessions v.2" Fixed Gear DVD Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Bicycle Fetish Day 4

Will at Razor Apple took some shots from the 4th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day. Also check out Cycling WMD's Flickr Stream! I had a great time. Multiple games of footdown, free-for-all freestyle and pretty much an all-day trick session. It's nuts seeing kids come up quick and strong. Wonka was hit by a car not too long ago and was in the IC ward for a few days. Now he's out and getting pitted harder than ever. Julie did her now-and-soon-to-be-famous laydown and lit a cigarette, I smashed some spokes, dented a wheel and got some nasty tire burns from footdown while Tony was laying down tailwhips. As always, it's a great day filled with bikes of all kinds. We topped it off with burgers at Muggs.


Mishka presents MANIC

Hear ye Hear ye! From the Bloglin!

This Monday we’re proud to bring you a new bi-weekly party called Manic.This is the brainchild between Passions (T&B), Star Eyes (T&B) and myself. The three of us have had a longtime obsession with goth/industrial (and all of it’s sub sects) but couldn’t stand the costumed vinyl vampire fetish association it’s developed thanks to most parties catering to it. So we decided to create a relaxed night playing the music we grew up on and have slowly been championing it to anyone willing to look past the negative and corny connotations that have unfortunately been attached to it over the past decade or so. We’ll be playing everything from Post-Punk, Death Rock, Goth, EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Coldwave, New Wave & any other wave you can slap an adjective in front of!

We’re also beyond happy to be bringing this night to the Trophy Bar, which sits on our little stretch of Broadway in Williamsburg which is slowly but surely turning into quite the little scene!

So if you’re around with nothing to do on a Monday night come by, have a drink and enjoy some good dancy albeit very melodramatic tunage!

Trophy Bar 351 Broadway Williamsburg, Brooklyn J/M/Z to Marcy Ave. L Train to Lorimer G Train to Broadway

Chari & Co Opening Pics

Will over at Razorapple took some shots from the Chari & Co opening tonight. I didn't make it, but I heard it was an awesome time!


Hi Shredability!

So Pitted! Mollusk Surfshop in Williamsburg is featured in this new VBS video on Surfing in Montauk...

Elms Lesters presents DELTA

DLT AXIS VERSION 1 constructivist piece, mdf with enamel and aerosol 140 x 120cm 2006 My favorite street-artist Boris Tellegen, aka DELTA has another gallery opening approaching in Europe at the Elms Lesters gallery. Maybe one day he'll venture to the states and most likely NYC.

Charin & Co

Another specialty track bike boutique is opening in the City. Charin & Co has their opening party this Sunday, May 11th from 6pm - 8pm. Swing on through and satisfy your NJS hunger. image courtesy of Freshness

Chari & Co NYC 175 Stanton Street New York, NY 10002 www.chariandconyc.com

4th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day

The City Reliquary Presents: The 4th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day

Saturday, May 10, 2008 12:00noon – 6:00 PM Havemeyer St. between Grand St. & Metropolitan Ave Afterparty 8pm –latepm at the City Reliquary: 370 Metropolitan Avenue. FREE!

A Street fair for your bicycle! Show off your ride and revel in the beauty of all types, styles, and genres of specialized, customized, and personalized bicycles. CONTESTS throughout the day: Best in Show, Best Vintage, Best Hand-made, Best Chopper, Best Small Wheel (includes foldable bikes), Wheelies, BMX tricks, Track bike tricks, Heaviest Bike, Ugliest Bike, and more. Games, Rides, Bike Beautification Station, Merch tables and more!

Live performances by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, NYC’s finest street-art-protest-radical-marching-band-and-dance-troupe! DJs Stacher and Dirtyfinger from Black Label Bicycle Club laying down the tracks and inducing a dance riot! Burgers & dogs, both carnivorous & herbivorous for sale! Cheap beer to be enjoyed in the beautiful City Reliquary backyard / veranda! Peruse arts and crafts at local organizational tables. Come and enjoy the springtime and bring yer bike!

Free Afterparty to be held at the City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Avenue at Havemeyer, 8-late. Tunes provided by DJs Stacher and DirtyFinger.

Contact: The City Reliquary Museum, messages@cityreliquary.org www.cityreliquary.org, 718. R.U.CIVIC (718.782.4842) Getting there: Ride Yer Bike! or L train to Lorimer St.; G train to Metropolitan Ave.; J, M, Z train to Marcy Ave.

Peel Sessions Linked

Mishka NYC, in their continuing support for the NYC and worldwide fixed-gear scene have linked the Peel Sessions in their Spotlight. Keep watch for the Peel Sessions competitions this Spring and Summer and as always, weekly sessions every Thursday night. If you live in NYC and love your bike, come out!

Ped Safety... Now With Lasers!

Designer Hanyoung Lee has proposed this Virtual Wall to create a visible barrier between hasty drivers and pedestrians. Via Yankodesign.


Can your track bike do this?

Kyoichi killin it as usual. Via Hardgoingday's photostream.



TRUE NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL By Peter Beste Exhibition May 9–June 7, 2008 Opening Reception: May 9, 6:00–8:00 pm Steven Kasher Gallery, New York 521 W. 23rd Street, New York Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11am to 6pm Exhibitions in London, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, Los Angeles to follow In the last two decades a bizarre and violent musical subculture called Black Metal has emerged in Norway. It has its roots in a heady blend of splatter movies, heavy metal music, Satanism, Pagan mythology and adolescent angst. In the early-mid 1990's, members of this extremist underground committed murder, burned down medieval wooden churches, and desecrated graveyards. What started as juvenile frenzy came to symbolize the start of a war against Christianity, a return to the worship of the ancient Norse gods, and the complete rejection of mainstream society. American documentary photographer Peter Beste has spent the last eight years working in the milieu of this insulated and secretive community. Beste's access and insight has been absolutely without precedent, resulting in an amazing photographic journey. Beste has earned the respect and trust of this impenetrable, suspicious and often elitist community. With each visit Beste saw more, photographed more and eventually accumulated enough material for this book. True Norwegian Black Metal is a visual testimonial to this subculture. Peter Beste and editor Johan Kugelberg have created a unique photographic narrative that explores black metal from a truly visceral perspective. With extensive contributions from the personal archive of Jon "Metalion" Kristiansen, publisher of the original Norwegian black metal publication Slayer Magazine, a unique opportunity is here presented to see original artifacts and ephemera from this secluded rock community, and to read accounts of these events in the words of the people who were actually there at the time. True Norwegian Black Metal offers confrontational live performance photographs of a savage subculture set alongside the stark beauty and natural allure of a landscape often shrouded in darkness. The book is comprised of 160 pages of photographs of the following bands/individuals: Nocturno Culto and Fenriz of Darkthrone, Necrobutcher, Hellhammer, Blasphemer, and Maniac of Mayhem, Samoth of Emperor, Frost of Satryicon, Enslaved, Abbath of Immortal, Gaahl, Infernus, King, and Kvitrafn of Gorgoroth, Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest, 1349, Dimmu Borgir, Ildjarn, Aura Noir, and many more. Interviews/Quotes from Frost (1349), Abbath (Immortal), Fenriz (Darkthrone), Gaahl (Gorgoroth). Essay by authors and Jon "Metalion" Kristiansen. 32 Pages from the personal archive of Jon "Metalion" Kristiansen. also includes original artifacts, photographs, ephemera, and personal accounts by Black Metal's key figures. VICE Books is pleased to release this incredible document in America on May 15th 2008. VICE Books is distributed by powerHouse Books.

The Slip

Click here to download the new NIN album, the Slip for free. Yes. 100% free...


Safety System

Safety System Originally uploaded by John Prolly
So I snapped my Miche Supertype today. I'm really bummed. Time to go back to Thomsons I guess!