Peel Update!

We got sponsors! List is growing! RED BULL! Profile Racing Bootleg Sessions [FREE BLS 2 DVDS!] Dave's Quality Meat Mishka Affinity Cycles Laek House Superflot Milwaukee Cycles! [more in the works] $3 entry... CASH prizes. Prizes for 1st girl, "New Jack" and 1-3 overall... Also a few freebies like last time. Afterparty to be coordinated with the BFF afterparty and a group ride from the first screening Friday night will be in order. oh and... did I say cash prizes? the way the scoring will be structured is as follows: -points system for overall events goes to standings -each event's winner will receive points -at the end of the events, the people with the most points will be 1st-3rd places. -you fast kids could feasibly win sprints, footdown and "prolly says" and place in the top 3 -you trick kids could win freestyle and lose the rest and get jack! -We're also having a "new jack" category for freestyle! Which will be judged by the top 3 "jackass" winners -and as always, separate but equal prizes for the ladies [small shirts, small hoodies, and cash] -Sprints [will be weighed more than other events] -Skids [not sure which type yet - short stop was fun, but took forever last time] -Freestyle [1 minute to impress the judges and the crowd!] -Pogo-off [who can hold it the longest?] -Prolly Says ["prolly says, lift your right foot up"] -Bunnyhop [get up there] -Footdown ['nuff said] -Cardboard skids [for fun!]

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