Tokyo's Trixx Fix

I have to say that one day when I roll through Japan with my track bike, I hope to ride with the Jan and 3Bancho guys. After all the pretentious shit-talking American fixed gear riders give on the internet, I've never heard Kyoichi or any of the other guys talk negatively about this new sport. Maybe they're more mature, or maybe that's the unfortunate by-product of the internet. Regardless, after all is said and done, they enjoy riding and riding hard. Cog Magazine has a new article on these dudes in their 3rd issue. Read it here! Cog has once again released a killer issue filled with interesting tidbits and bad-ass pictures. But I read it for the articles! Big ups guys! I shoulda named my "360" spin after a gummy candy... Maybe I'll call it a Twizzler!


Tom Mosher said...

Prolly, I call your 360's 'prollys' and keo style ones 'keos'.

The other day I did prolly 180 to keo 540. Also, 360 prollys are finally clicking! Cool trick!

Prolly said...

HAHA! I'm honored. hehe

hardcore100 said...

haters in japan too, it's all the

the twizzler, (prolly?) is getting
pretty popular in japan man!