Finished my fork! Thanks guys! They had to make me a custom fork for my long head tube. It took a bit, but it was well worth it! I've already added barspins to my trick arsenal! Lemme tell ya, the first time you try a one-handed wheelie to barspin, be prepared to bail!


Tom Mosher said...

As soon as my gangsta fork came I ran off on this barspin tangent that I am still not back from.

re. wheelie barspin - I see three main variants. spin>wheelie, wheelie>spin>wheelie and wheelie>spin. Then you can combine any permutation of those, whee!

We'll be barspinning together in a few days!

Anonymous said...

do you get a lot of pedal overlap when youre doing barspins with the bmw fork? i'm about to order one for a 56 iro and im trying to make sure its the right fit.

Prolly said...

Not really. I mean, yes, respectfully so... but comparatively, not as bad as some [including the stock BMW Gangstas]. Remember, since this is a 59, the wheelbase is wider. I can barspin at 2pm and you should be able to spin at 12.

I suppose you could look at the geometry for a Surly 59cm and an IRO 56 and compare them?

Anonymous said...

how much different is your fork from the stock gangsta fork? i was fucking around on a pista over the weekend with almost no clearance and it was really annoying, yet being able to do a handful successfully really made me want to order a fork for my bike that would make it easier.

Prolly said...

I have a Surly steamroller, not a Gangsta. The Surly's stock fork was only about 1/4" shorter than the Gangsta, so it didn't affect the handling at all. The only thing that is custom about my fork is the steerer tube. It had to be longer than the stock BMW forks.