Undercover Cops at Critical Mass?

Another reason why I don't ride in Critical Mass; case in point, undercover police. Guys in this picture... Look closely. Two men in plain clothes right? Both have the same bike with the same chain lock wrapped around their seat posts, talking to a guy without a bike. Notice the man texting with his palm pilot. Ok, so this may seem a bit paranoid, but those bikes are the same issue as Police bikes that the NYPD rides and they were talking to their supervisor. These pics along with the information came from a CM rider who overheard the pigs discussing strategery. Sneaky basts. Aren't people getting mugged and killed in this city? Is that the best you can do? Fucking lame. Nice to see where all our tax dollars are going. More coverage on the pig's attack on the cyclist can be found... way to go Officer Patrick Pogan. Not even 23 years old.. here here here and here's a video compilation of the local news channels covering the story
CRITICAL TACKLE ( news reports ) from Xris Spider on Vimeo.


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Sure the cops suck and all but I have pitty for the person who doesn't expect this?

It seems to me critical mass is going to continue on it's pathway to alienating more and more of the cycling community until it fizzles out in a cop-ignored sigh. I just hope by that time more good than bad has come of it. I don't think that could be said if it ended now.