At the Gates Reunion

Last night was the At the Gates reunion show at Irving Plaza here in NYC. I've been listening to this band since Highschool and I never thought I'd get the chance to see them perform live in the States. They played a stellar show. I was blown away... For all who missed it, here's Under a Serpent Sun. Sorry the sound is so shitty... edit: Here's the setlist... I think. Someone let me know if I missed anything: 01. Slaughter Of The Soul 02. Cold 03. Terminal Spirit Disease 04. Raped By The Light Of Christ 05. Under A Serpent Sun 06. Windows 07. World Of Lies 08. The Burning Darkness 09. The Swarm 10. Forever Blind 11. Nausea 12. The Beautiful Wound 13. Suicide Nation 14. All Life Ends 15. Need 16. Blinded By Fear 17. The Flames Of The End At The Gates "Under a Serpent Sun" from John Prolly on Vimeo.

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