New Rave Thugs

Man o Man... First Kanye, now this! Pretty soon, people will be dancing with glowsticks at hip hop shows. [I want it for my bike]


Anonymous said...

A Touch of Cheese! Any premium will turn ultimate cheese when the thugs and Mr West alike touches them.

Nu Rave stays true!

Jon said...

Here's a version for bikes.
Not programable though..


hugs said...

here is the programmable one for your bike...


it takes a little bit of work, but doesn't every thing that is worth while?

racer x said...

hah! those rims kill it bwahaha

though truth be known i've on many occasion hit up the dollar store and rocked those 6 inch long 8th inch wide glowsticks zapp strapped to my spokes.
and a good friend of mine made one of those spokePOV things. its pretty swanky.

man i cant believe i just admited to putting glow sticks in my spokes... HAHHABHAHAHA