Beautiful Losers Film

Back when Amanda was living in SF, she went to the Beautiful Losers show. An exhibition centered around street art and skateboarding, filled with bass and bad ass ramps. Now it seems they've made a documentary on the event which is premiering at SxSW! From Keith Scharwath's portfolio site:

I’m very excited to share the poster I designed for the upcoming film Beautiful Losers. BL was recently selected to appear at the SXSW film festival in Austin, and hopefully it will be headed to theaters very soon. You can see a larger version and some details on my Flickr page. This film is going to inspire a whole generation of young artists and despite having seen the film over 15 times, I still get up from my seat and want go make stuff every time I watch it. Thanks to everyone who worked on the film and especially to all the artists who have been and continue to be a huge inspiration. Go see Beautiful Losers!

Beautiful Losers typeface designed by Geoff McFetridge.


Anonymous said...


I bought BL when it first came out and still is one of my favs. Thanks for the news! I will totally be there.

skelly said...

AIGA is screening this film soon in NYC. Unfortunately I found out it's a members-only event.

koalasteez said...

usually AIGA events are open to the public. you just have to pay more. if i find out, i'll have john post an update.