Quanta Point

We're working with Quantapoint to document our freshly-demo'd space for that penthouse I've been working on. check it out... here's an example of their work. This is just some office building in Philly, but you can imagine what a highly-complex space would look like! They set up 20 lasers and can document an existing space in 20 hours. Then the data is collected and the model is built in autocad. I opened the Autocad model in 3ds Max and rendered it in Vray. They guarantee 1/16" accuracy, Beam centerlines and profiles as well... Price tag? $20,000 - which is cheap when you break it down... Pretty interesting stuff....

Trackosaurus Rex on Vimeo

Track bike blog, Trackosaurus Rex has released their video on Vimeo. Check it below. Nice production value. Tracko from Trackosaurus Rex on Vimeo.

New Museum Revealed!

Sanaa has done it. Inside the New Museum from Curbed on Vimeo.


MASH bikes

Mash's blog has a feature on all the rider's bikes... Nice stuff!

Beats and Bikes

The NY Times has an interesting article on these dope scraper bikes loaded with bass!


House 33 x Agent Provocateur Knickers

NSFW Don't worry, I'll put the best worst image at the end. House 33 has collaborated with London-based Lingerie company Agent Provocateur to produce a book and "undies" release. Is it wrong to buy my girlfriend these?

Rat Pack Rat Pack

NYC's fast...


Kidnap Madonna for Drug Money

Mishka has produced another hit... It's shipping now. Get a hold of it while you can!


Monster Track 9

Get ready!

Masters of the Universe 2

Friday November 30th Cut + T&B present MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE II w/ Diplo Surkin (Institubes, Paris) South Rakkas Crew (Mad Decent, Ninja Tune) Drums of Death Trouble & Bass DJ's $12 Advanced Tickets Available HERE! 2 for 1 drinks 11 - 12 18+ at Studio B 259 Banker St. Brooklyn, NY Sponsored by: XLR8R Magazine Mishka Kill Shop Kill

In loving memory of Rebecca Ohlson

I'll miss this girl. She was one of the nicest and most beautiful people I knew. Tiny's Sandwich shop will never be the same. My heart goes out to Jay, Trevor and anyone else who was close to her. You'll be missed! It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Rebecca Ohlson—daughter, sister, love, and friend. She brought so much joy to everyone she knew with her beautiful and generous spirit. In her honor we will be dedicating trees in two of her favorite spots, one in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY and another in Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA. Please take a moment to make a small donation for Rebecca, so that her family and friends can keep her memory alive from coast to coast. There will be dedication ceremonies to take place in both locations. Please visit www.rebeccaohlson.com for further instructions on how to donate. Also please forward this on to anyone who may have known her. We’ll never forget you, Rebecca. You’re a legend, and will always be remembered as young, beautiful and full of life. Until we meet again, love and miss.

Bootleg Sessions

Kids go off! Trailer from the forthcoming Bootleg Sessions DVD. Bootleg Sessions will not be a "film." It will be a down and dirty DVD compilation of cuts from several of our favorite riders from around the U.S. who have agreed to bootleg their daily sessions, progressions, and general post-transportation tomfoolery. It is not meant to be ground-breaking, life-changing, trend-setting, or scene-defining. It's just fun. Ride/Relax.

Peel Sessions - Willis Flatland

Here's a video Jonnystiles shot at the Peel Sessions of Willis' flatland competition. It's all about style folks...


Short Stop Skids

Video from the Peel Sessions' Short Stop Skid competition! There's a segment towards the end with another tailwhip by Tony... Some background on Short Stops: We drew a line on the asphalt and made a large square with 4 objects marking the corners. You had to be locked up in a skid at the line and land within the square. If you rolled out of the square, or fell, you were eliminated. Each time the square got smaller and smaller and further away. I think we ended up with a 100' long skid path and a 2' x 2' square that the riders had to park their back wheel into!



Originally uploaded by John Prolly
My god. Frank Kozik has done it. My favorite Kubrick film embodied in a 3" tall vinyl dunny.

If I have to tell you what movie this references, you lose.


Peel Sessions Recap

About two months ago, I started going to a spot under the BQE in Williamsburg, which is a well-known skate spot, and began to practice 180 skids, wheelies, barspins and other tricks on my track bike. Doing this kind of stuff by yourself can get boring and sometimes frustrating. Especially if you're trying to teach yourself. As a result of this frustration, I started a weekly event called the Peel Sessions. The Peel Sessions focused on getting as many riders out to this spot at once so they could learn from each other and eventually become more skilled cyclists. Sure, "tricks" are arguably a track bike "faux-pax" in some circles, but in NYC, we ride track bikes because they're fast. First and foremost. We have the densest city in the US and we like to be able to cross it in 10 minutes. You can't do this on a 25 lb mountain bike and having a road bike just means eventually your derailer will kick out and you'll be stuck repairing your drive train after a snowy winter. The 5 Boro Generals ended their summer-long race series with the Battle for Brooklyn. The all-day event lasted until 2am. At the end, people were too tired to do the trick series and Chris was left with some extra prizes. He came up to me and asked if I wanted to do a special Peel Sessions, maybe get some sponsors and he could get rid of his extra prizes. I figured, sure, what the hell? We ended up getting some amazing sponsors. Dave's Quality Meat has started sponsoring many track bike events in the city. We got a backpack stuffed with everything from a hoodie to socks! My boys from Boundless NY hooked us up with New Era fitteds, shirts and gear. Mishka NYC dropped hoodies, beanies and shirts on us. Continuum Cycles threw in a crankset, some nice gloves and a riding hat. Laekhouse threw down some shirts and Crumpler hit us with a ton of beer and bags. Of course, GET SUM, threw in the extra 5 Boro Generals prizes. A pair of tickets to see GZA perform Liquid Swords. We had prizes to say the least. We kept it simple and used 3 categories: Tricks, Skids and Sprints. The tricks consisted of a flatland competition. You had a minute to impress the 3 judges. Anything goes. Skids consisted of short-stops and style skids. Each rider had to lock up into a skid at a specific point and land within a box marked on the asphalt. If you went outside the box, you were DQ'd. Each time the box got smaller and smaller. Out of 20 people, 6 were able to nail ANYTHING we threw at them. Even a 2' x 2' box that they had to land their back wheel into! Style skids were just that, leg over the bars, one foot, whatever you had, you got to show off! Since there are a lot of fast riders who've been making it out to the Rat Pack Hustle, I wanted to give them something to do as well, so we made a Sprints category. The Sprints consisted of a two-block drag race. This is through live-intersections and was based around the alleycat model. No rules, just haul ass. We then did a new event which was the Slalom Sprint. Under the BQE there are a series of columns supporting the overpass. Each column is about 50' apart. In between some columns, we struck a line. You had to cross that line locked into a skid and sprint to the next point. Everything was set. Then it rained. It rained all day and the wind hit gusts of over 30mph. I was nervous. That morning, I rode past the spot on my way to work and it was dry, but I knew if it was still raining at 8pm, no one would come. Luckily, it stopped raining at 5 and the spot was perfect. Kids started showing up around 8pm and began practicing. We had a good crowd by 9. Once we began, 20 kids registered and over 100 people were there watching. There were 5 people taking pictures and Luke Stiles was filming. The Cadence crew from Philly rode up just for the competition! Tom, Willis and Tony have started the Bootleg Sessions in Philly and we had all rode together at the banks the week before so I was stoked to see these kids get pitted in front of NYC's track bike scene. Each event went smoothly, except for the Slalom Sprints, when 4 bagel trucks showed up and began to unload in the course. After the break-down, we had a good solid ranking. Issiah from Brooklyn took first. Tom from Philly took second and Willis from Philly / NYC took third. I was most impressed by Tom. He's not only an animal on his bike, but he's fast. He whipped up some of the fastest kids in NYC. Willis' flatland was unbelievable too. He never put a footdown and dropped some OG bmx tricks on the crowd. Even the girls were representin. Julie had some nasty track stands up her sleave, Dagga did some backwards circles as well... All in all, it was a great time. We had a lot of kids turn out and the people that stayed to the end got some gear too. Big ups to all our sponsors and to the people who showed up, stayed the night and had fun! Thanks to Billy Ocean, J. Martinez and Will for the photographs as well!


Sunday School

My homie Johnny Stiles upped his video on NYC Bike polo to Vimeo. Peep it below!
Sunday School from Luke Stiles on Vimeo.

Bass and Bikes


I am the Heat this Thursday

Even though it conflicts with the Peel Sessions this Thursday, I'll still plug my boy's band! I am the Heat plays at 10pm at Trash Bar in Williamsburg. Come by the Peel Sessions and if you get bored, head over and watch them. Oh and free tater tots. Boom!

Trimble Aero TT Bike

Originally uploaded by Dave August
Dave August has upped a few pics of this Trimble Aero TT bike. I love how the body and disk wheel seem to blend in like some F Zero racer.

Updated Peel Sessions Flier!

Rain or SHINE! Peel Sessions November 15th Brought to you by: Crumpler Bags Dave's Quality Meat MishkaNYC Continuum Cycles BoundlessNY Laekhouse Lunar Lover Presented by Get Sum with Get Pitted Lifestyle. LIVE Under the BQE Thursday, November 15th 8pm Meeker at Jackson | Brooklyn $5 Entry Sprints slalom and drag Tricks flatland and wheelies Skids long and style

Nu Bloom Got Pitted

My boy Steve, at Nu Bloom has upped a high res / better quality video of the Bootleg Sessions I shot on Sunday. Peep it below. It's a much better quality video. Big ups to all the fans of the two videos Luke and I posted. We've gotten 5 Honors and over 2,000 views so far! I can't wait for the DVD to drop!


Slow Sunday

So I drug my ass out of bed today and drank a bottle of Dayquil just so I could make it to the Slow Sunday gathering at the Brooklyn Banks. Slow Sunday is a gig that the Cadence kids from Philly throw every week in downtown Philly. This week they rolled on the Chinatown bus to NYC to mix it up a bit for their Bootleg Sessions. This is more or less most of the footage I snapped with my digital camera. The video should give you a taste of the caliber of riders coming outta the east coast. Oh and I've got a segment in there, doing a no-handed track stall on the 18" grind ledge. Enjoy EDIT: Luke Just uploaded his footage as well!


Campagnolo Pista Cranks

Track Cranks
Originally uploaded by John Prolly
New bike porn day! Finally got my hands on some nice vintage Campy track cranks...

Prolly grab

Prolly grab
Originally uploaded by jonnystiles
Luke Stiles has a few pics from tonight's Peel Sessions...


Taco Tuesday Video

Taco Tuesday :: Photography Ride from Kong on Vimeo.

Get Pitted

My hometown break Very few people know that not only do I enjoy cycling, I'm also an avid surfer. Well, not so much now as I used to be but every time I go home to NC, I try to get in the water and get pitted brah. Look at what tropical storm Noel brought the East Coast! Insanity. NYC Going OFF!


Major Tailored

Shop Gentei has a new clothing line called Major Tailored. The name of the company is an homage to Marshall 'Major' Taylor, the winner of the one-mile track cycling championship. His win signaled a new era for African American athletes. Taylor was the second African American to win a professional sport title in 1899. He continued on to win three in total. I like the underbill Sugino Grand Mighty chainring. Grab one of these now because only 72 were produced.

NYC Bike Theft Solution

My boy Eddie designed this T Shirt for his company Supermighty. This, along with the Dookiechain HED3 shirt are pretty funny. Sure to be a hit.